The King of Crime: Il Retorno Di Teschio Di Morto

I’ve just been introduced to Fistful Apparel and count me impressed. They’ve got a wide selection of T-Shirts inspired by cult and genre cinema. The first thing that I thought when I saw these T-Shirts was “wow, if Quentin Tarantino were to start a T-shirt line then it would probably look something like this.”

The Fistful Apparel line is wild, eccentric, and out there. WILD. ECCENTRIC. OUT THERE. And I love it. The first two items that caught my eye were the ‘Il retorno di teschio di morto’ T-Shirt and the King of Crimes hoodie. They’re both black with a pure yellow design. The artwork simply jumps out in both and has that ZOMG appeal. If you like in your face design then get these two items.

Be on the lookout for future Fistful Apparel T-Shirts on this blog. I’m a new fan.

The ‘Il retorno di teschio di morto’ T-Shirt is sold out (good luck trying to find that one), but the King of Crimes hoodie is still available for sale at the Fistful Apparel online shop for $35.

Dance Party Massacre Posters

Looking to dress up your wall with some fresh new artwork? If so, check out the latest release from our friends at Dance Party Massacre. They’ve just released silkscreened versions of some of their best-selling designs. They are silkscreened on 100lb, acid-free, archival paper. They’re perfect for framing in your office, man den, or new dorm room. The posters are available now from the Dance Party Massacre online shop and they range in price from $9.95 to $16.95.

3 New AOK Tees + Quietus Price Drop

It’s been quite some time since I’ve featured our friends over at Alrightok. We featured Alrightok many, many moons ago on Episode 16 of Co-Tee TV (be sure to check it out if you haven’t already done so). During this time, the Alrightok crew has been very busy. They released a line of tees called Quietus that I totally missed and which has since been marked down in price. You can pick up tees from the Quietus line for $15 a piece.

They also made the move from Florida to Washington, which officially makes Alrightok a West Coast brand. Even with all this madness, Alrightok was able to drop three new tees for their AOK line. The classic swords tees has been re-released in a different colorway and on a v-neck. The black and white AOK logo tee is a classy and welcome addition to the line.

All three shirts are available now from Alrightok and start at $19 but be sure to use the coupon code “coty” at checkout for a whopping extra 20% off your entire purchase!




Dance Party Massacre Summer 2010 Line

Dance Party Massacre recently released their Summer 2010 line featuring a slew of T-Shirts and tank tops ready made for the summer heat. Alex Dakoulas, founder of Dance Party Massacre, decided to take a more art director approach and invited a few guest designers to collaborate with on the summer line, including Matt Skiff, Joe Kelly, and Mario Jalbert.

The line features the Dance Party Massacre elements that we have come accustomed to, including gore mixed in with a little light fun. You’ll also notice this line in particular features a more retro era feel reminiscent of 50’s black and white movies and biker gangs. Pieces from the new line, including tees, tanks and v-necks, range in price from $19.95 to $23.95 but be sure to use the coupon code “COTYG” at checkout for an additional 10% off your entire order! Go and buy some DPM gear now!

The Dance Party Massacre crew put together a neat little video documenting some behind the scenes action involving the summer 2010 line, specifically the product photoshoot. Take a peek at it below!

Rebel With A Cause

The Horror Club

Knife Fight

Live While You Can

Dance party Massacre Summer 2010 Line

People Like Me and Consumer-ism

Fork, knife and … record? Consumer is a great statement shirt from the people over at People Like Me, a New Jersey based brand that insists the right brain is never wrong! What do you consume? Some of you might be mass consumers of vintage vinyl. Others might enjoy consuming the written word, weather it be in the form of books, magazines, comics or manga. A few of you might be gadget consumers, always eating up the latest and greatest technological marvel. What kind of consumer are you?

Consumer is printed on a 100% fine jersey tee and is available now from People Like Me for $28. Think the price is a bit too stiff? Sign up for the People Like Me newsletter and you’ll be rewarded with a 15% coupon code that you can use!




Unique LA Spotlight: TIMBER!

During the next few days I’ll be featuring the awesome clothing brands that will be setting up booths at Unique LA, an independent design and gift show that will take place on April 24th thru the 25th at the California Market Center.

To kick things off I’d like to feature a brand that was started in 2006 by California designer Chad Eaton called TIMBER! Every shirt featured at TIMBER! is designed and screen printed by Eaton (I love the dedication). This brand has one of the more unique design niches since TIMBER! is all about lumberjack culture.

“TIMBER! is a t-shirt company based on a story about lumberjacks, their bosses (the top hat guys with an excessive hair curse.) and a bigfoot stuck between both their worlds.”

Eaton is currently at work on a fully illustrated book based on the TIMBER! universe so be on the look out for that. TIMBER! tees are priced from $18 to $32 and you can purchase them over at their ETSY shop.

You can find TIMBER! at Unique LA in Booth 270.




Morning Commute


Co-Tee TV Episode 42: Zipperking, Butchrd Apparel and Paul The Pig

In this episode of Co-Tee TV I wear Spirit Quest by Zipperking and available at ShirtFight and review Paul th’ Butchrd Pig from Butchrd Apparel a brand that takes your local butcher to the next level by serving up tasty T-Shirts!

Be sure to check out Episode 20 of Co-Tee TV to watch the unpacking of the Spirit Quest shirt from Shirtfight!

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Coty’s Thoughts:

Paul th’ Butchrd Pig by Butchrd Apparel. Pros: Huge print, design covers the bottom of the tee to the top third of the shirt. Printed on an American Apparel blank so you know what to expect when it comes to size, fit and comfort. Great packaging (tees are packed shrink wrapped in a styrofoam meat tray) that matches the “butcher” theme. Comes packaged with a toy and a promotional code that can be used with future purchases.  Cons: You’ve got to be at least a little twisted to wear this shirt around town. You might get some looks at which point you can bust out your meat cleaver. Price: $12.

Butchrd Apparel

If you want to send me a product to review, please feel free to do so. You can find my information in the contact menu above. Thanks!

Cute microbes on sale

Pyknic Releases Winter 2009 Line

Pyknic Clothing just unleashed upon the world their Winter 2009 line and my oh my what a release it is. Over 25 new products for both men and women. They’ve got standard tees, totes, v-necks, sweaters and baseball tees. It also looks like they are focusing a bit more on branding now, with a bunch of their shirts featuring just the forks and basket logo ala Johnny Cupcakes crossbones and cupcakes logo tees. The one thing that they are doing differently from Mr. Cupcakes is that they have been invading the malls for teen consumption – Pyknic Clothing is available at Pacsun stores nationwide.

The tees are available now from the Pyknic Online Store and start from $26.98. My favorite from the bunch? It’s got to be the simple Feed The Hungry tee.






Dance Party Massacre: Season 3

I’ve always been a fan of Dance Party Massacre and I’ve been covering the Boston based indie brand since the beginning of this blog. With every new release, and especially with the release of the Season 3 line of T-Shirts, they grow creatively and expand on their constant themes of gore,  monsters and partying. Founder Alex Dakoulas brings his A game with this new release and hopes it is the start to bigger things for DPM.

“They say third time’s a charm, and I see good things happening. I know I will be contacting more stores about carrying the line, planning some new ventures, expanding our products, and speaking with press/magazines/newspapers to get the brand out there. Kicking off this season we put out our first hoodie, a sick sweatshirt design (which is not entirely horror—something that will continue), our first women’s specific shirt, and worked with the awesome Matt Skiff again as well bringing in a great artist by the name of Jessica Hess for the Trilogy design.”

Survival Kit is my definite favorite from Season 3 with Sweet Party coming in a close second!

Survival Kit

Dance Party Massacre

Dance Party Massacre

Dance Party Massacre

Dance Party Massacre

New Tees From Dance Party Massacre

If you’re a regular reader of this blog then by now you must be familiar with Alex Dakoulas and his brand, Dance Party Massacre. I’ve featured DPM in the past for both Indie Tee Spotlight #9 and Co-Tee TV Episode #11. Basically, I love Dance Party Massacre! And so I was happy to hear that DPM had recently released 3 new tees and 2 new colorways of DPM classics.

Both Fear Nothing and Fresh 2 Death both represent the DPM look that we know and love. The other new tee, All Work and No Play (white) is a bit of a departure from the typical DPM style and I like it! What better way to get up close and personal with mere strangers then having them read tiny text on your t-shirt. The new Dance Party Massacre gear is available now for purchase and range in price from $21.95 to $27.95. And in case you’re looking to accesorize, they’ve got some new bandanas and a fancy Steel Necklace for sale. 

Fear Nothing

All Work And No Play

Eyeconic Lime

Vampire Grill

Fresh 2 Death