Co-Tee TV Episode 47: Sleep Through The Static, Sharp Shirter and Rhino Hunter

In this episode of Co-Tee TV I wear a Jack Johnson concert tee from the 2008 Kokua Festival and review Rhino Hunter from Sharp Shirter, a brand based in Bethesda, Maryland and run by Dan Lachman.

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Coty’s Thoughts:

Rhino Hunter by Sharp Shirter. Pros: Rhino Hunter is a fun shirt and the first purple tee I’ve reviewed. Perfect for animal lovers with a wild and spunky personality! Sharp Shirter uses American Apparel blanks so expect a comfortable and soft tee. The print is fairly large and has a soft feel. Cons: Other than being a bit pricey for a single color print, I have no other complaints for this seemingly perfect rhino tee. Price: $22.

Sharp Shirter

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