OMG…A Threadless Calendar!

The Threadless Calendar Contest calendars have been printed! And I have to say that Mr. September looks good in his worldwide calendar premier! If you want one of these badboys then email contest coordinator and Threadless staple, ladykat. The calendar costs $15 + shipping. 

Ladykat has got a thread about this running on Threadless so be sure to check that out if you need more information on the calendar – the only 2009 calendar you will ever need! To see the rest of the images found in the 2009 OMG…A Threadless Calendar then be sure to checkout ladykat’s Flickr page. 

Threadless Calendar

Coty in The 2009 OMG...A Threadless Calendar!

Say Hello to Threadless’ Mr. September!

The official winners of the Threadless Calendar Contest were announced today and guess what, I’m Mr. September! That’s right, my entry, Connect It USB Head, made it into the Threadless Bloggers Calender! I’m pretty excited. When September rolls around, my headless body will be hanging on many a Threadless fans walls. 

Check out the winners by month:

January is gigguli (2nd Place Winner)

February is jenraskopf (3rd Place Winner)

March is nikolina

April is WarDrobeInSpareOom

May is theczar

June is ytfelmi

July is chengui

August is Goldendust

September is iCoty

October is bhoomika

November is ir0cko (1st Place Winner)

December is angelito

If you’re interested in getting your paws on one of these Threadless Calendars then please feel free to contact ladykay81 at gmail dot com. She organized the contest and will be distributing the calendars to the winners. The cost of the calendars are $15 flat and that includes shipping to anywhere in the US. And also:

If you want, you can replace up to one (1) photo with a photo of your own for your calendar! I won’t do any editing for that, so send me a photo exactly as you’d like it printed, it must be at least 2240 pixels wide and the dimensions must be 11.2 x 8.7. Let me know what month you want your photo to appear in for your calendar (don’t worry, I won’t tell anybody who you’re replacing). 

Connect It USB Head

So I wanted in on the Threadless Quilt Contest but I had to work for it. One of the requirements to even be eligible to win the custom Threadless quilt was that you had to submit an entry into the Threadless Calendar Contest. There are twelve months and therefore twelve potential winners! I hope my entry makes the Top 12! And even if I don’t get the Threadless Quilt, if my calendar entry makes it to the Top 12 I win a Threadless gift certificate and a free calendar with me in it!

Here are some of my favorites from the other entries:

Threadless Quilt Contest Ends Today!

If you haven’t got your entries in yet be sure to get them submit fast! The Threadless Quilt Contest, coordinated by Threadless blog faithful, ladykat, will be ending today at 11:59 PM PST. If you don’t know about the Threadless Quilt, be sure to check out this post that I made last month for more information!

I’m going to be entering the contest so wish me luck!

And just in case, here are the rules to the contest once more:

I want it to go to a Threadless fan, so here’s the main part:
- WRITE an original short story, essay, or poem somehow relating to Threadless tees or designs (1000 words max – though it doesn’t have to be even that long!)

But to be eligible, you also need to do the following 2 things:
– SUBMIT at least one (1) ELIGIBLE ENTRY to the CALENDAR CONTEST – this entry must be taken especially for the contest (that is, since the contest was announced) and it has to meet all the criteria for the contest. And hey, if you’ve already submitted an original photo for the contest, you’ve got this one covered! You don’t have to win the calendar contest to be eligible for this, you just need to enter an eligible photo or illustration.

– JOIN the Threadless Product Shots group on Flickr and upload at least one product shot. Like above, if you’ve already joined and submitted a photo, you’re golden on this one.

To enter, email your story/essay/poem to me (ladykat81 [at] gmail [dot] com) by Monday, Oct. 13 at 11:59 PST. Also let me know which picture you submitted to the calendar contest and your Flickr username. One entry per person.

The top 1/3 (33% – with a maximum of 10 total) among the stories/essays/poems (from eligible entries) will be entered into a drawing. From that drawing, one winner will be selected to receive the quilt!

Awesome Threadless Quilt

An intrepid member of the Threadless community, ladykat, has spent the past year putting together a quilt made up of Threadless tees donated by members of the Threadless forums. Last June (2007), ladykat proposed the idea of creating a Threadless quilt by asking for donations of used Threadless tees that people didn’t want anymore. 

The response from the Threadless community was astonishing. ladykat received nearly 100 shirts, enough to make 2 full size Threadless quilts comprised of 49 Threadless t-shirts arranged 7 squares by 7 squares. Each square prominently displays a design from one of the many unique Threadless designs. Very cool.

What’s even cooler is that ladykat will be giving away the one-of-a-kind Threadless quilt (this includes her hardwork and the donations of countless Threadless members!). To be eligible to win the quilt you need to 1. Write an original short story, essay, or poem somehow relating to Threadless tees or designs (1000 words max), 2. Enter the Threadless Calendar Contest, 3. Join the Threadless Product Shots Group on Flickr and upload at least one product shot. Click here to read the official rules of the contest. If you don’t win the contest, don’t worry, remember there are two quilts! The second Threadless quilt will be auctioned off with the proceeds going to charity. Get ready to bust out your checkbook if you go that route!

And without further ado, heres that awesome Threadless quilt made from donations and love!

UPDATE: I just got an email from ladykat (Kate) herself and she wanted to clarify what she’ll be doing with the 2nd quilt that she’ll be making. 

“The auction for charity thing went by the wayside because I really wanted any Threadless fan to have a shot at winning the quilt, which would have meant a raffle rather than an auction, but there’s no easy way to do a legit raffle online. There are all sorts of weird state laws with raffles, it’s totally annoying. I ended deciding that my priority was having someone who cared win the quilt.”

“So yeah, it was actually a tough decision but I really wanted the quilt to go to a good home and just couldn’t figure out the charity thing in a good way. Originally I was just planning on making a quilt for myself, but when I got all those tees I knew I had to make another to pass on to a Threadless fan… and I knew I had to start with the one that I’d give away because otherwise I might never finish it! Someday… somehow… I’ll finally get around to that second quilt. :-)” – ladykat (Kate)