New T-Shirts from Monsieur Eureka + New Site

Our friends from Monsieur Eureka just released their brand spanking new website along with some new T-Shirts. First off, I have to speak about how great the new site it. The old site wasn’t too shabby, but this new site takes things to the next level. I’m really looking forward to some of the new additions to the site like the Web Theater. Most of the text on the site is in French though, so that makes things a little tough for me, especially since the Mystery Story sounds so interesting!

Of course, the shirts are as wacky and as unusual as ever before! The crazy characters and the the stories behind these characters are what make this brand great. My favorites from the bunch include Creme Molaire and Limoname, both of which are available now from Monsieur Eureka now for $25.

Old School Hopscotch

I have to admit, in elementary school I had some mad Hopscotch skills. I remember this popular recess time game being very intricate and competitive. It was much more than just hopping from square to square. There were certain levels that required you to start by launching from a certain start distance and let’s not forget the difficult “washing machine” level that required you to spin 360 degrees block to block.

And, I’m not sure if this was a Hawaii thing, or not, but in the Hawaii version of Hopscotch, you would throw your a slipper (flip-flop) to the closest square first (and work your way to the end). If and only if your slipper lands within the square, you’d then proceed to jump through the hopscotch and then the next person would go. Anyone else play hopscotch this way? 

In any case, this shirt from Kim & Jason brought back memories straight from my playground days. You can pick up Hopscotch from the Kim & Jason Lemonade Stand for just $18.

Hopscotch by Kim & Jason Lemonade Stand