Bathroom Art by Letters From John

Letters From John is an interesting concept, to say the least. John Tootabeanie (that’s what he’s calling himself) is the chief architect of Letters From John, a brand that takes bathroom graffiti to the next level – by printing them on T-Shirts! 

I did feel a bit cheated while perusing the website, though. Despite the fact that the t-shirts are all designed in the same style (single color black and white) and has a certain gallery feel to it, something was lacking. I felt that they should have more background about the graffiti on the individual product pages like where the original graffiti was found (location) and maybe the original picture that was taken to go along with the product shot. That would definitely make the store much more interesting! That is, if these really are original pieces of bathroom graffiti.

Having said that, I really dig the concept and want to see more bathroom graffiti prints from Letters From John. 

Theres No Love In The Heart of a City ... Never

I Aint Down With Zowbies Yo

Blood Is Thicker Than Old