Tired of the City

Tired of the City is the new November tee from Linty Fresh and my oh my is it yellow! Some of you might remember that I wasn’t much of a fan of last month Linty Fresh offering (The Crest of Fresh) but I am totally feeling this vintage Linty Fresh tee. And did I mention that I love the yellow! It seems that the face behind Linty Fresh has been doing a lot behind the scene but has really toned down his web presence. There’s been a considerable lack of Linty Fresh blog and video offerings, despite a new Linty Fresh blog site. Tired of the City is printed on an American Apparel tee and is available now from Linty Fresh for $22.

Tired of the City by Linty Fresh

September Goodies From Linty Fresh

The first of every month is always fun because we get to see what new goodies will be released at Linty Fresh. This month is extra scrumptious as Eric Terry introduces the first ever Linty Fresh jewelry piece. It features a signature Linty Fresh Character and is aproximately 1.75″ wide by 2.5″ tall and comes with  a 20″ adjustable chain.

But of course, you’re here to see the new shirts. I know you guys (and girls) all too well. The new September tee from Linty Fresh is called Rebel Bowel and features a simple, yet fresh, single color bowel inspired print. The design comes in two flavors, a maroon and white colorway as well as a brown and yellow colorway.

The last time we saw something this simple and clean from Linty Fresh would have to be the release of the Red Dotted Line tee. I actually really dig integration of the Linty Fresh text with the bowel design. Everything is so seamless. I look forward to more Linty Fresh shirts featuring clean lines and simple designs. You can pick up Rebel Bowel for $22 from Linty Fresh starting…now!

Rebel Bowel

Rebel Bowels

Rabbit Necklace

August Release From Linty Fresh

August looks to be a huge month for Linty Fresh with the re-release of an old favorite as well as tons of fun new belts! Eric Terry of Linty Fresh brought back one of the most popular Linty Fresh designs in a new colorway. The Most Fantastic Things can now be had in a new Lime flavor and you can even pick up the original grey colorway. There’s also a selection of 10 different Linty Fresh belts in a slew of different colors. You can pick up The Most Fantastic Things for $22 and the belts for $15. 

The Most Fantastic Things by Linty Fresh

The Most Fantastic Things

The Most Fantastic Things

Linty Fresh Summer Sale + New Keith The Quiet

All of you Linty Fresh fans will enjoy this: it’s Summer Sale time! This means that you can save up to 25% on some amazing Linty Fresh products, including belts from $12, hoodies for $35 and of course tees starting at $15. The bundle packs have also been marked down as well, so you might want to pick one of those up for extra savings! 

For those of you who were sad last month due to a lack of new Linty Fresh gear, there’s no need to worry for the month of July. Eric Terry from Linty Fresh unveiled new colorways for the ever popular Keith The Quiet tee. I love the new colors, especially the yellow on blue – love it! The new Keith The Quiet tees are available now for $22.

Linty Fresh Summer Sale

Keith The Quiet

Keith The Quiet

San Diego/Las Vegas Trip Day 7 + 8

Day 7 Shirt of Choice: American Apparel Poly-Cotton
3/4 Sleeve Raglan Shirt

Day 7 started off with breakfast at the popular Bellagio Buffet. There was a lot of food, a custom omelet bar, and tons of pastries and fruit. But if I am being honest, it was pretty standard breakfast fare. 

We then headed toward the MGM Grand to purchase tickets to both The Phantom and The Beatles LOVE Cirque Du Soleil. We were able to get tickets to The Phantom but was unable to snag any for LOVE. So we spontaneously decided to buy tickets to a 12 hour guided tour of the the Grand Canyon. Crazy!

Following our ticket buying frenzy we did some further shopping at the Primm Fashion Outlet Mall. We spent about 3 hours there and then we made our way back to the strip to do even more shopping at the Miracle Mile Mall. At this point I was all shopped out and couldn’t wait to get back to the Bellagio to freshen up for The Phantom. Back at the hotel room we had about an hour to spare before making the mad rush through the crowds to the Venetian were The Phantom was playing.

Coty Posing

That American Apparel 3/4 Sleeve tee looks good! I want to pick up a couple more now.

The Phantom was defintely an exciting and haunting experience. I was thoroughly impressed by the Phantom theater, which was custom built to house this specific show. If you’ve seen The Phantom of the Opera at another venue, it’s worth checking this one out because of some of the welcome changes. First of all, there is no intermission. Secondly, they’ve added a few extended scenes. And lastly, the falling chandelier is breathtaking. I’d suggest sitting on the balcony, you’ll get a great view of all the action and the ticket prices are not as expensive. 

Phantom: Be Seduced

That’s me just about ready to enter the theater. Right after we snapped this picture, the usher yelled at us! How dare!

Iron Chef’s Mario Batali’s B&B Ristorante was our pick for dinner on this particular evening. B&B Ristorante had some big shoes to fill since the food at Bobby Flay’s MESA Grill was superb. Unlike the Mesa Grill’s southern infused fare, B&B was more of a traditional Italian eatery. I had the Lobster Spaghettini with Spicy Budding Chives, Sweet Garlic and One Pound Lobster. Michelle had the Grilled Pork Chop with Cipolline, Artichokes and Vin Cotto. I really enjoyed the Spaghettini and the lobster portions were quite generous. However, in the end, we both decided that the food at the MESA Grill was indeed better!

Tomorrow: The Grand Canyon

Day 8 Shirt of Choice: Mack Hated Mondays

Our last full day in Las Vegas involved waking up at 5am in the morning! It was Grand Canyon day so getting an early start was imperative. This would be a 12 hour trip to and from the Canyon through Comedy on Deck Tours. We left the Bellagio and headed across the street to Bally’s to catch our shuttle. Our tour guide was named Jodie and she was both friendly and welcoming as well as informative! Once we hopped on we grabbed a quick breakfast at the Boulder Dam Hotel in Boulder City en route to the Hoover Dam. What’s interesting about Boulder City is that it was built for the people who had worked on the Hoover Dam. As for the hotel, our tour guide mentioned that it’s ranked as the 4th most haunted hotel in the US. I didn’t see anything! But Dennis McBride, author of Midnight on Arizona Street noted that “One of the people who owned the hotel in the 1980s used to do night work at the desk, and she said several times she would see a man standing in front of her only from the waist-up. He was gone from the waist down.” One famous guest was Howard Hughes, who recuperated here after a plane crash at Lake Mead.

One we left Boulder City we made a quick drive thru and stop at the Hoover Dam and then headed toward our first Grand Canyon stop, Eagle Point. The road to Eagle Point was, quite literally, bumpy! 14 miles of unpaved road with just a landscape of Joshua Trees made for an interesting ordeal.

The Grand Canyon

And that’s the West Rim of the Grand Canyon. It’s so impressive in person!

The Grand Canyon is definitely a stunning natural marvel to look at. Its powerful and intimidating landscaping stretches over 18 miles wide and consists of over 277 river miles. We did a tour of the West Rim of the Grand Canyon that consisted of Eagle Point and Guano Point. Eagle Point is known for the recently opened Skywalk which is the first-ever glass bridge and suspends visitors 4,000 feet above the Grand Canyon floor. The views here were spectacular and truly breathtaking. And I got to scratch off yet another item off my Things To Do Before I Die list!

We then had lunch at the Grand Canyon West Ranch, a 1,060 acre working cattle ranch, did some activities and rode a horse wagon around the property. After lunch we made the trip back to Vegas. Spending a day away from the strip and at the Grand Canyon was definitely worth it! If I ever come back, I’ll be sure to hit up the Grand Canyon Caverns. Our wagon driver mentioned that this was a 230 feet drop below ground level that consists of 60 miles of limestone caves. There is no humidity down there and as such he mentioned that anything that stays there is preserved. 

Once we arrived back on the strip we made a mad rush to The Mirage to see if we could get some last minute tickets to The Beatles LOVE Cirque Du Soleil. It was ourlucky day! We scored two tickets to one of the hottest shows on the Las Vegas strip. 

But before the show we wanted to eat at one last Food Network star’s restaurant. This time it would be Chef Emeril Lagasi’s New Orleans Fish House at the MGM Grand. Emeril’s probably had the friendliest bunch of waiters of the three big restaurants we dined at while in Las Vegas. There was a constant flow of bread and drinks! We started off with the New Orleans Blue Crabmeat Bake with Baked Blue Crabmeat & Pickled Sweet Piquant Peppers with Herb Crust served with Emeril’s Spiked Crostini and Creole Tomato Glaze. For entrees, I had the Emeril’s Sweet Barbecued Scottish Salmon on Andouille Sausage & Brabant Potatoes with Spicy Onion Crust and Emeril’s Homemade Worcestershire. Michelle had the Herb, Sea Salt & Pepper Crusted Ahi Tuna on Homemade Sopressata Sausage, & Italian Cheese & Spinach Ravioli with Basil Pesto, in Tomato Olive Stew and Balsamic Extraction. The food here was so good! I thoroughly enjoyed the food, the environment and the service! The waiters were quick, efficient and friendly. In the end, though, we decided that Bobby Flay’s MESA grill ruled supreme amongst our tier of culinary challenges during our Las Vegas stay.

The Beatles LOVE Cirque Du Soleil

If you decide to watch a Cirque Du Soleil Show in Las Vegas, I would highly recommend that you see this one. It was seriously spectacular!

And for the final major spectacle of this epic trip we watched The Beatles LOVE Cirque Du Soleil at the Mirage. It was a full house and I quickly understood why. The show was spectacular and covered a ton of Beatles hits like Elanor Rigby, I Wanna Hold Your Hand, Help!, Blackbird, Hey Jude and All You Need Is Love. In total, the show consisted of 26 Beatles classics. The exuberance of The Beatles was definitely channeled through the youthful, urban energy of a cast of 60 international artists. The panoramic sound and visuals made for an excellent end to a wonderful trip.

Departure Shirt of Choice: Pyknic Logo Tee

I can honestly say that this was one exhausting trip! We squeezed in a lot of exciting and fun things and for that I have to thank Michelle for planning. What can I say, she’s an excellent planner!

Linty Fresh Vinyl Toys

Should we expect some Linty Fresh vinyl toys in the near future? I know that our buddy Eric Terry has been itching to some and guess what, he finally has! Here are three that he did while on vacation in China. Pretty neat! Bumblecat is probably my favorite but Drippy is not far behind. Harold (the red one) looks the most Linty Fresh out of the bunch. 

And in case you’re wondering, these are not for sale. I spotted them over at Eric’s Flickr page. He’s got a couple more pics of these there if you’d like to take a peak. 

Oh, and I’ve got a treat for you – a new song from Eric Terry. Its called She’s Not Unhappy and was inspired by a local food vendor that Eric met on his travels in China.

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Bumblecat by Linty Fresh

Harold by Linty Fresh

Drippy by Linty Fresh

Welcome to Atlanta by Linty Fresh

The start of a new month means just one thing – a brand spanking new tee from Linty Fresh! The May design from Linty Fresh is called Welcome to Atlanta and it’s an interesting one. It’s a nod to the hometown of Linty Fresh, Atlanta, Georgia, and it features some iconic Atlanta imagery. First off, the peach is central to this shirt and rightfully so as it is the state fruit and the first thing that many think of when Georgia comes to mind. And then you’ve got the The Big Chicken, a local landmark, if not an infamous one, that dates back to the 1960’s. Linty Fresh has pitted these two Georgia icons against each other and I am terribly afraid to see what the outcome would be, yikes!

And as always, Eric has put together a graphic that shows the design process for Welcome to Atlanta. Great stuff! You can pick up Welcome to Atlanta from Linty Fresh for $22.00. 

I’ve also got something special for you Linty Fresh fans – it’s Linty’s own Eric Terry singing an original song that he wrote, Stick Around! Now isn’t he just an all around talented guy!

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Welcome to Atlanta by Linty Fresh

Welcome to Atlanta by Linty Fresh

Linty Fresh Live Chat #4

It’s Linty Fresh chat time and this time it’s going to be live in China! That’s right folks, Eric Terry, who has chatted in the past out of the Linty Fresh headquarters in Marietta, Georgia, has taken the show on the road. Be sure to tune in to find out what he’s been up to while he’s been up in China and of course come ready with questions!

Linty Fresh Live Chat #4

Hairy Harry by Linty Fresh

Eric Terry is making collaborations a regular thing these days, and I’m not complaining because I think he’s found a way of freshening up his already fresh Linty Fresh line (is that enough fresh for you?). This time, Eric collaborated with Will Bryant who also goes by the nickname Mr. Fancy Pants. And like last months collaborator, Eric met Mr. Fancy Pants via the popular photo sharing site, Flickr. You can check out Will’s other work here on his Flickr Photostream. 

This month’s Linty Fresh tee is called Hairy Harry and it’s no April Fools joke. It really is that good! The line work is curvingly wonderful and I think the colors used are perfect. I really dig the green! If Linty Fresh had a pet wookiee I bet this is how he would look like. You can pick up Hairy Harry at Linty Fresh for $22 starting today.

Hairy Harry by Linty Fresh

Hairy Harry by Linty Fresh

And here’s the collaboration process as explained by Eric:

1. Will sent me his type work for Linty Fresh
2. I wrote a poem for it, fleshed out parts to go more with the concept, and picked a color scheme.
3. Tshirt!

Hairy Harry by Linty Fresh