Mac’s Mailbox

If you’re a regular reader of this blog then you know about my passion for all things … MacGyver. And so I was excited to see that the newest tee printed at Glennz Tees was Mac’s Mailbox, a nice homage to the 80’s duct tape making icon. Ever wondered what MacGyver’s mailbox would look like? Well, this is probably the best depiction of said mailbox that you’ll find in InternetLAND. And the best part is that you can buy it and wear it! Mac’s Mailbox is available now from Glennz tees for $19.95.

Mac's Mailbox

Mac's Mailbox

MacGruber The Movie?!

OK, so if you’re a regular reader of this blog you might know that growing up I watched every episode of MacGyver because my mom was in love with the show. So, seeing the recurring MacGruber sketches on Saturday Night Live has always been fun for me, ever since Will Forte first played the character on SNL in 2006. But recently I found out that they are turning MacGruber, the SNL Macgyver parody character into a full feature length film! My gut tells me that this movie will be a big pile of hot poop but that won’t stop me from checking it out in the theaters. I admit, I have a soft spot for MacGruber.

In any case, check out this MacGruber tee from … gasp … Cafe Press. Hopefully once the movie comes out we’ll see better merchandise on the market, but until then, this is what we’ve got. Oh, and be sure to check out the trailer and let me know what you think!


MacGyver Is The Father

Do I ever tire of witty MacGyver tees? No, not really. For some reason, MacGyver tees are always awesome (to me at least). And this shirt from SnorgTees is no different. Necessity Is The Mother is yet another excellent MacGyver themed T-Shirt, and guess what, this tee was made out of a toothpick, a rubber band, and some tin foil. Pretty amazing, huh. Pick up this tee from SnorgTees for $18.95 and remember that if you spend $60 or more you score free shipping anywhere in the United States!



Mgyver by TeeZeria

Growing up “MacGyver” (contrary to the name of the shirt, this is the actual spelling of his name) was on constant rotation in my household. My mom was a huge MacGyver fan, which later turned into a general obsession with Richard Dean Anderson (but that’s a different story). So as I was perusing the collection over a TeeZeria, I couldn’t help but notice this black MacGyver themed T-Shirt. First off, everything within the bubble is brilliant – love it! The only problem I have (and maybe the biggest) is that other than the mullet – that doesn’t look like MacGyver! That might just be me though. What do  you guys think?

Pick up Mgyver from TeeZeria for $20 and since the store is themed after a Pizzaria (TeeZeria – get it?) all orders are shipped in a custom pizza box.



Glorious Nonsensities Episode 9: MacGyver, Prestigious Clothing and Kosher Ham

In this episode I wear What Would MacGyver Do by Glenn Jones and review two shirts from Prestigious Clothing and Kosher Ham. The first shirt reviewed was sent to me by William Matte, Jr. from  Prestigious Clothing and it’s called I Had A Dream Once and was designed by Mathew Skiff.  The second tee reviewed in this episode was sent to by my pals at Kosher Ham and is called I’m A Player. As always, enjoy with tea and a comfy tee!

Both of these brands are partners in my Attack of the Coupon Codes promotion so be sure to use the coupon code “prestigious” on your next Prestigious Clothing order for 10% off and the coupon code “COTYFANS” for 10% off your next Kosher Ham order!

You can also watch this episode on Viddler, Vimeo, or on

Coty’s Thoughts:

I Had A  Dream Once… by Mathew Skiff and available at Prestigious Clothing. Good: Massive, massive print on the front, I love the fit of American Apparel tees, colors look great on black. Bad: Not the biggest fan of pink but it works on this tee, not tagless. Price: $17.00 but you can save 10% with the coupon code “prestigious”.

I Had A Dream Once by Prestigious Clothing

I’m A Player by Kosher Ham. Good: Then NES controller is classic so kudos just for that being there, Kosher Ham logo printed on the back, available in a bunch of different color options, great fit (American Apparel). Bad: Not tagless. Price: $19.99 but you can save 10% with the coupon code “COTYFANS”.

I'm A Player by Kosher Ham

What Would MacGyver Do? by Glenn Jones and available at Threadless. Love this shirt! Only available in girl sizes so be sure to pick one up ladies! And for the record, I’d carefully peel the tube and use every inch of it as carefully as possible. Price: $9.00.

What Would MacGyver Do? By Glenn Jones

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