You’re Weird, We Should Be Friends!

It’s been a while since I last posted about my awesome friends over at Made With Awesome. I’ve been a longtime fan of their hilarious tees. They’ve got some new tees that I haven’t seen before (yeah, I’ve been on hiatus). You’re Weird, We Should Be Friends must become a part of my wardrobe. Seriously, awesome.

Oh, and they’ve got I’ve Just Developed A Theory That Proves I’m Not A Nerd in black? Where the hell have I been?

You’re Weird, We Should Be Friends is available now from Made With Awesome for $25.

Gay By Birth, Proud By Choice and Always Awesome

Out friends over at Made With Awesome recently posted a few photos from their recent adventures at the Pride Day Festival at Penn’s Landing in Philadelphia. In fact, that’s were they released their latest T-Shirt design, the very colorful, Gay By Birth Proud By Choice tee. The shirt is printed on Gildan 100% Cotton Ringspun Tee , but the excited part really is the “rainbow color” effect shown in the preview image. The effect is created by mixing inks during the screen printing process so that every shirt is unique. Cool! The shirt should be available on the Made With Awesome website for purchase real soon, so keep your open for them.

Below you’ll also find some image sof the Made With Awesome team, Roni Lagin and Evan Ferstenfeld at the Pride Day Festival, sporting their sexy Made With Awesome threads. And at the very, very, very bottom of the post you’ll see the latest Made With Awesome print, it’s called Historical Superheroes and it is … pure awesome. Here’s your task, figure out all five superheroes! Historical Superheroes is available now from Made With Awesome for $15.

Gay By Birth Proud By Choice Made With Awesome

Made With Awesome

Made With Awesome

Made With Awesome


Video Games Lied To Me

Our friends over at Made With Awesome just released a brand spanking new tee that is perfect for people who aspired to be plumbers based solely on their experiences with Super Mario Bros. You see, Super Mario Bros. changed everything in 1985 when it came to the plumbing industry. Super Mario Bros. was a game changer. It made plumbing exciting and almost James Bond like. As a plumber, you jumped through pipes, beat up the bad guys, smashed a few turtles along the way and then get the girl in the end. Super Mario Bros. made plumbing awesome!

But as with other things in real life, plumbing was not all it was made out to be. After the release of the original Super Mario Bros. for the NES was released, a number of eager kids aspired and eventually became full-fledged plumbers. Needless to say, there was to be no pipe jumping, no beating up the bad guys, no run in with turtles and unfortunately, plumbers never got the girl in the end.

And so the lives of these ordinary plumbers carried on. They’d fix broken pipes, but not do much else. For many children turned adults, the plumbing industry was a big fat lie. And to bring this sham to the attention of the masses, Made With Awesome delivers their very straight forward Video Games Lied To Me About The Adventurous Lives of Plumbers. Because sometimes, you just need to draw a line. This is Made With Awesome drawing a big fat line. You can buy it now from Made With Awesome for just $22.

And P.S., if you enjoyed this shirt then it is a necessity that you check out this list of 101 Nintendo T-Shirts.

Made With Awesome

Made With Awesome

Co-Tee TV Episode 60: Super Mario, Made With Awesome and Equations

In this episode of Co-Tee TV I wear I Heart Mario and review I’ve Just Developed A Theory That Proves I’m Not A Nerd by Made With Awesome, a brand started in 2009 by Evan Ferstenfeld and Roni Lagin that specializes in original, off-the-wall slogans and cool tee designs that aspire to make you think just a little bit while you’re laughing your guts out.

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Coty’s Thoughts:

I’ve Developed A Theory That Proves I’m Not A Nerd by Made With Awesome. Pros: Shirt comes packaged in a clear plastic bag and included with the shirt were a few Made With Awesome stickers. The T-Shirt is printed on an American Apparel tee so you know that I am a fan of the sizing and fit. The print is nice and large, and more importantly, it’s soft. The shirt features a screen printed neck label with the name of the shirt and its creators. Cons: There is truly nothing that I disliked about the Made With Awesome tee or my Made With Awesome experience. Made With Awesome is in fact … awesome! They put out an excellent product and I think you try them out it you haven’t already. Price: $20.

Made With Awesome

Some random artwork spotted as we walked to around the awesome city of brotherly love, Philadelphia!

Made With Awesome

So in Philadelphia I’ve been told that there are three main places to get Philly Cheesesteaks: Pat’s, Geno’s and Jim’s. Jim’s Steaks is the best of the three in my opinion by a mile! They’re cheesesteaks are so mouth watering good that they’re awesome! beyond belief

Made With Awesome

That’s me and that’s the Liberty Bell. Awesome!

Made With Awesome

Isgro Pastries serves up some of the most awesome cannolis!

I Mario New York by Nintendo. Pros: A nice alternative to the basic I Heart NY tourist T-Shirt. When I first saw this shirt at Nintendo World in New York, my eyes just gravitated to it and I knew that I just had to have it. The shirt is screen printed on the front and back and is also tagless and features a screen printed label inside the neck. Cons: What cons? Well, the only con is that maybe you won’t be able to find this shirt anymore since I picked it up nearly three years ago. Price: $22.99.

I Mario New York

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