Manoa Falls

I’ve done the Manoa Falls trail twice now and it never disappoints. The trail leading up to the falls is relatively short, only about 1.5 miles, but as you make your way towards the falls you are greeted at each twist and turn with spectacular jungle like fauna. Imagine Jurassic Park like scenery but on a less grand but more manageable scale. You’ll make your way past bamboo trees as you pass through rainforest as well as some nasty mosquitos so be sure to bring bug repellant.

Like Kaneohe, Manoa is it an often wet location so remember to dress appropriately. Shoes will definitely help when walking through the well worn-out paths. As I made my way through the trail I crossed ways with two angry tourists, both of whom were complaining about the “slippy-ness” of the trail, and of course, they were wearing slippers (flip-flops for you mainland folks). The trail is easy enough for both young and old to do as it consists mainly of straight-a-ways with minimal difficulty and absolutely no areas that involve crawling or climbing.

At the end of the Manoa Falls trail you be treated to a stunning 60-foot high waterfall that flows year round. Although not suggested, many people (not me) tend to gather in the pool directly below the falls. It’s not deep but just enough to allow you to waddle in the water. The main issue with relaxing in the pool under the picturesque waterfall is the danger of Leptospirosis, so be forewarned.

To get to Manoa Falls, head towards Manoa onto West Manoa Road. You’ll drive through residential area and then reach the driveway of the old Paradise Park. The Manoa Falls parking is just below the Lyon Arboretum. The parking area is considered a high theft area even though it costs an expensive 5 dollars to park your car in the lot with an attendant present. It might be more feasible and safe to park in the residential areas and then walk up to the trailhead. 


There’s a new hot (or should I say cold) spot in Manoa and it’s called Yogurtland. Located at the former Volcano Joe’s location, Yogurtland has been attracting a lot of buzz as of late from Manoa residents. A mainland chain, Yogurtland serves up the decadent desert by the ounce (32 cents per ounce). You can expect to spend a little over three bucks for a nice serving of yogurt along with a bunch of toppings.

There are tons of flavors to choose from, including classics like strawberry, vanilla and chocolate as well as more exotic flavors like pistachio, mango, taro, green tea and New York cheesecake. There is also a mix of tart flavors and no sugar flavors. Flavors rotate so don’t get too attached to any one flavor.

Walking into Yogurtland is like walking right into a Crayola Crayon box, you know, the one with over a hundred different colors. From the colorful seating to the well-dressed walls, Yogurtland is one colorful experience. The wide selection of toppings add to the color flair at Yogurtland. There are dozens of different toppings to choose from, including the basics like granola and almonds to fresh fruit and other sweet treats. 

I’ve already been to Yogurtland at Manoa twice and have been more than satisfied on both occasions. This cheap desert can make for a great fruit and granola filled breakfast, fast lunch for the penny-pinching college student or the perfect desert after a night out. If you’re looking for a nice escape from the boring TCBY fair, than definitely make the trip out to Manoa at serve yourself up some yummy yogurt.


1810 University Avenue
Honolulu, HI 96805
(808) 951-4444