Ye Olde Dinosaur Land T-Shirt – Vintage Super Mario Map

Can you traverse the dangerous terrain of Ye Olde Dinosaur Land, to rescue the princess? If so then this is the T-Shirt for you. Or, maybe you just want a Super Mario mashup up map made to look like it was made in the 1500’s. If so then this is the T-Shirt for you. Or, maybe you just need to have everything even remotely related to the Super Mario Bros. and Nintendo. There are a ton of reasons why you should get this SplitReason T-Shirt. What are you waiting for?

Ye Olde Dinosaur Map is available now from SplitReason for $19.95.

World For Sale

Gautam Joshi from the new brand brand, Designers County recently reached out to me to let me know of their new label. They recently launched their new online shop with 13 new T-Shirt designs. My favorite? World For Sale. It’s not surprising, especially since I have a thing for designs that have integrated barcodes. It’s such a simple and brilliant idea. This T-Shirt bleeds political and economical innuendo.

World For Sale is available now from Designers County for $18.

Also be sure to check out the rest of their line of T-Shirts. They are currently having a sale with tees marked down as low as $15.


I’m an amateur neuropsychologist. Amateur because I do not yet have a Ph.D. attached to the end of my name (not yet, that is). As such I meet a lot of mentally interesting people with boring wardrobes with whom I conduct various neuropsychological tests on. So to my surprise, my 8:00 am appointment greeted me with a rather cool T-Shirt on. The shirt resembled that of an old school map, but not any old map, it was a map of breakfast.

The battery of tests that I run on individuals typically last about 4 hours. I often go insane during those 4 hours. My 8am’s mysterious breakfast map t-shirt  kept my attention the entire time.

The Perry Mason in me had me on Google as soon as I popped my 8am into the scary big brain scanner device (i.e. fMRI). With the right keywords, Google never fails me. I searched “Breakfast Map Shirt” and I learned that the interesting tee that my 8am had on was a Shirt.Woot tee called BreakfastTopo. The shirt was original sold on Shirt.Woot way back in November 2007. Needless to say, it doesn’t look like Ill be able to get my hands on this wonderful shirt.