Regan Smith Clarke Keeps Fall 2010 Release Keeps It Real

I was really imprssed with Regan Smith Clarke’s original release earlier this year. I thought it was fresh, original and had a distinct style. His Fall 2010 line continues to bring the freshness. That vintage look infused with modern styling make this release a real winner. My favorite piece from the new line is definitely Old Inventions. I love the sharpness of the design and the smooth lines. It doesn’t scream RSC like the other designs, instead, it’s a bit more subtle and I can appreciate that.

Along with the four new RST T-Shirts, you’ll also find an Old Inventions long sleeve sweater in a blue and yellow colorway, and a Lack of Quality tote bad (just be sure to fill it up with quality goods). The T-Shirts are priced at $24 a piece, while the sweater and the tote go for $28 and $12, respectively.

By the way, take a look at the photos below featuring Regan Smith Clarke goods (along with the actual Regan Smith Clarke) in real life at the Renegade Craft Fair in San Francisco. And you too can look just as sexy by picking up a Regan Smith Clarke T-Shirt ;)