All Together Now: Official Threadless Family Reunion Tee

File this under the “I Wish I Was There” category. So the amazing people over at Threadless recently held their 4th annual Family Reunion, and from what I can gather from the various Twitter updates, it was an all around blast. Everyone that attended the reunion received one of these super exclusive All Together Now tees.

And just in case you were wondering, no, you can’t buy this T-Shirt. You had to be there to get it!

All Together Now Threadless Family Reunion

All Together Now


Pizza With Johnny Cupcakes in San Francisco

If only I could be in San Francisco come this Saturday. Why? Because Johnny Cupcakes will be having a pizza party – that’s why! He’ll be having a pizza party of sorts to meet and hang out with his customers. The venue is Blondies Pizza on 63 Powell St. at 3:00pm this saturday. be sure to wear your favorite Johnny Cupcakes tee!

Johnny Cupcakes

“I came up with this random, odd idea when my mom was dropping me off at the airport the other day. While I’m in San Francisco, why not invite all of my online customers / strangers who I’ve never met before, to come eat pizza with me at a random pizza shop. Nothing fancy, just some good ole’ greasy, hot pizza (my treat!) + hang outs with me. I’d love to meet all these people whom supported my business and have helped gotten me where I am today. I will also fill everyone in on more details + secrets for Johnny Cupcakes 2009 plans. Hope to see you there, and make sure you wear your Johnny Cupcakes t-shirt!” -Johnny Cupcakes