DIY Gmail Messenger Bag

It all makes sense! You use gmail to send messages and it’s a messenger bag! Why didn’t anyone make this sooner. Dare I say that it’s cool? It’s not something that I’d use every single day, but it is something that I would use every so often to earn me tech geek street cred. The DIY enthusiasts will love this, especially the ones that, ummm, love to send emails? I want this.

The DIY Gmail Messenger Bag is available now from Geek Cook for $43.99.

Sourced Messenger Bags

I’ve been using an Incase Messenger Bag for about a year now. The muted olive version of this Incase bag. It’s a great bag. I love the size, feel, and compartments. The only problem is that I’ve been using it despite a big rip in the seam of the flap. Not good. I would think that a bag from such a well-known and established brand like Incase would last longer than a year. I’ve been living with it but I’ve also been looking for a replacement.

Enter Sourced. This small brand is known for upcycling material in order to make new products. For instance, they’ve been upcycling truck tarpaulin to make some really eye-catching messenger bags. These upcycled messenger bags from Sourced are sleek and downright sexy. Have I found my replacement? Maybe.

We’re fans of life, we’re fans of style. We’re not treehuggers. We hate average, we love unique, we appreciate quality. Sourced began with a desire to bring sustainable, fashionable, design focused products to market. Having looked at most ‘green’ products it seemed that ethical didnt necessarily mean stylish, we aim to change this.

From our Cornish base we offer a range of bags and accessories produced from upcycled (adding value to wasted) materials. We make messenger bags, shoulder totes, shopping bags and much more all by hand and all made to last. Our truck tarp range comes from upcycled lorry curtains that are being thrown after thousands of miles on the road networks of Europe. No two items are ever the same due to designs on the fabric. Some items are scarred from their past but we clean them up (over and over) before sewing them into unique, stylish swag.

Sourced Messenger Bags are available now from the Sourced online shop and are priced between £34.99 and £39.99.

Co-Tee TV Episode 87: Good Thoughts, Evozip and Lamb Chops

In this episode of Co-Tee TV I wear Good Thoughts by The Good Child and review an Evozip Messenger Bag. Evozip is a new media for self expression that you can display more often than a t-shirt but is less permanent than a tattoo.

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Coty’s Thoughts:

Evozip Messenger Bag by Evozip. Pros: The Evozip concept and product is really great. I like the idea of being able to “skin” my messenger bag whenever and wherever I desire. The bag itself feels quite durable. I love pockets, and the Evozip sure comes equipped with a ton of pocket space. The bag is large enough to hold a 15 inch MacBook Pro. I know, because I’ve been using it carry around my MacBook Pro. It’s great that you can purchase bags with pre-made skins, or you can send in your own T-Shirt to have skinned. Upcycling old goods in order to make something new is healthy for the earth, kudos Evozip! Switching skins is quite easy to do and can be done in less than a minute. The shoulder strap is detaachable so you can also use it as a handbag if you so choose. The pricepoint of $20 is more than reasonable – I would have expected this product to sell in the $40-$50 range – you’re getting a great deal! The Evozip “skinnable” bag is the perfect solution for those who love both messenger bags and T-Shirts. Order an Evozip, upcycle your T-Shirts and have some fun with it! The Evozip would also make for a perfect gift.

Cons: None really. Great product at an affordable price. How could you go wrong? You can’t.

Price: $20.00.

Good Thoughts by The Good Child. Pros: I love this tee! It’s infused with a vintage feel and pop vibe. I’m not entirely sure of who is in the image. Im thinking that the female is either Audrey Hepburn or Marilyn Monroe. I think I am completely wrong but those are my guesses! The T-Shirt itself is screen printed on the front, back and is tagless featuring a screen printed neck label instead. For a FULL review of The Good Child please check out Episode 86 of Co-Tee TV.

Price: $29.99.

Also mentioned in this episode:

The Good Child x GoodWoodNYC – awesome custom made wood pendent! Would go perfect with your Good Child T-Shirts!

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Evozip: Upcycle Your T-Shirt Into A Messenger Bag

I have to admit, Evozip is a pretty nifty idea. The concept is simple, you send in your favorite T-Shirt and they tranform it into a brand spanking new messenger bag. The upcycling of T-Shirts has been around for some time now, with even a book written about the subject (see Generation T: Beyond Fashion: 120 New Ways to Transform a T-shirt). I’ve even dabbled in some T-Shirt upcycling experiments – check out my Threadless T-Shirt turned throw pillow. However, these Evozip messenger bags is probably one of the most useful T-Shirt upcycling ideas around.

“The founder developed Evozip as an urban art project to see how people would express themselves when not limited by the constraints of a t-shirt. Would you coordinate with your outfit or make your message stand out? Do you show the same skin until it falls off or will someone write a blog about a new skin that they wear each day? The name Evozip means to evolve quickly. While the design of most products is finalized long before production, Evozip bags and skins are meant to evolve after entering the market. The attachment system was designed to be simple so that people can show their own creativity.”

Evozip founder Ward Greunke has promised me a sample Evozip so I’ll be sure to get my review of it up here soon. In the meantime, check out the Evozip Facebook page where you can shop for your own Evozip!