Unique LA Day 1 Recap Photos

Our good friends David and Ade of Milk & Eggs Co. were kind enough to send over some photos from Day 1 of the Independent Design and Gift Show: Unique LA. I am sure that they were super tired after a full days worth of T-Shirt hustling, so a big thank you to the both of them. Here are the photos that they sent, please enjoy and remember to check out Milk & Eggs Co.

Milk & Eggs Co. | Milk & Eggs Co. is a t-shirt company started by Ade and Dave in February 2009. We design, print and package all of our products in the always sunny Burbank, California, with all materials being manufactured in the United States. We’ve created a special animation about Milk & Eggs that we want to share.


Hey look, new goodies from Milk & Eggs Co. (photo courtesy of Flickr user supah cute). This stuff isn’t even available on their website yet!

Milk & Eggs Co.

ARKA Clothing | The true meaning of the word “ARKA” is to be the king of all kings. However, this can be interpreted differently by different individuals. We feel that everybody has a leader within and can contribute to the beauty of today’s world.

Arka Clothing

ARKA Clothing

Beautiful Decay | Beautiful/Decay Apparel is a limited edition T-shirt line in collaboration with the artists and designers featured on the pages of our book. We work directly with each artist to create one-of-a-kind graphics in order to provide our readers with wearable collectables by some of their favorite artists.

Beautiful Decay

Beautiful Decay

Charlie Noble | Charlie Noble Clothing is a collaborative effort of designer Mike B., artist Jimmynude, and outdoorsman Jay H. With designs from independent artists, our intention is to provide comfortable clothing with a creative edge. The future of Charlie Noble lies in the expansion of an artistically driven brand, focused not only on the continual creation of original graphic t-shirts, but also on garments intended to be subtle, refined versions of common workwear and the clothing of our military brethren.

Charlie Noble



Fera Fera


Hips and Hair | Hips and Hair is my artistic aesthetic applied to apparel and various forms of fine art. With Hips and Hair I am creating the type of art I want to see and experience, as well as creating the type of apparel I want to wear and see others wearing. Hips and Hair is where glossy magazine ads meet spray paint and knife fights. Hips and Hair is the outlet that allows me to create the type of art that I need to create.

Hips and Hair

Maiden Voyage Clothing |

Maiden Voyage

Maiden Voyage

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Self Portrait + Tree Buddies

Hot off the Milk & Eggs production line are two new tees, Tree Buddies and Self Portrait. Both are two excellent additions to the Milk & Eggs Co. line and retain the simple and fun  look and feel that I appreciate so much. My favorite from the two is Self Portrait because I often find myself in the peculiar position featured on the shirt. And I am not sure if it was intentional or not but I love how the camera looks as if it’s smiling. Do you see it? It’s winking at you.

Both Self Portrait and Tree Buddies are available now from Milk & Eggs Co. for $18 but be sure to use the coupon code “COTY” at checkout and save 10% off of your entire order! The T-Shirts are printed on American Apparel blanks and feature an embroidered tag on the left sleeve.

Self Portrait

Tree Buddies

Draw Your Own Way

One of my favorite new indie tee brands, Milk & Eggs Co., recently released 5 new tees and I am in love with Draw Your Own Way. In the world of fancy all-over-prints, I breath a sigh of relief whenever I see tees like these: simple, minimal colors, and powerful without being overbearing. If you know someone that likes to trace other peoples work then pick this tee up for them (or at least send them a link) and then kick them in the shin.

Draw Your Own Way is available now from Milk & Eggs Co. for $18, go pick one up today!

Draw Your Own Way

Draw Your Own Way

Slide To Unlock by Milk & Eggs Co.

Again, I owe it to Twitter because without it I would not have ever found this tee! I love stumbling across great new brands awesome T-Shirts. Slide To Unlock from Milk & Eggs Co. is just straight up cool. Or, as I put it in a tweet I made about the shirt, “it’s OMFG good!”

This design will probably bring a smile to any iPhone user but will likely resonate most with relationship seeking iPhone owners! You can pick up this shirt from Milk & Eggs Co. for $20, and yes, it is printed on an American Apparel shirt for a cool and comfy feel.

Slide To Unlock

Slide To Unlock