Pop Culture: Minimalistic Pop Soda Cans

Pop Culture by David Schwen is an awesome minimalistic tee featuring popular icons as soda (or “pop” depending on where you live in teh country) cans. When I first saw this T-Shirt I said to myself, “I have to have this.” Can you name the rest? And with the  $10 Threadless Sale going on right now (and ending tomorrow), it was the perfect time to pick it up. It features some of the most recognizable characters, including R2-D2, Superman, Charlie Brown, and the Cookie Monster.

By the way, I say soda. How about you?

Minimalist Street Fighter

I originally saw this design when it was making the Internet rounds a few weeks ago and I just recently found that it’s now available in T-Shirt form. Needlessy to say, I was super excited because I love the minimalist take on the Street Fighter II characters that I grew up with. The design was done by Ashley Browning and was originally posted on his Flickr page (Flickr member infinitecontinues).

“This is a one-off piece, and a departure from usual Minimalism pieces of mine. This time I just wanted to go really, really basic. Initially, I felt I was creating a Bauhaus/De Stijl inspired piece, but after finishing it, I thought it also looked like the primitive graphics from Atari 2600 or Intellivision consoles.”

Street Fighter II Abstract Edition is available now from MySoti for $19.98.

Minimalist Street Fighter

Minimal White T-Shirt

If you want to get any more minimal than this tee, you’re better off buying blank white T-Shirt. Minimal Goods delivers the very minimal and aptly titled Minimal Tee. It’s printed on a white American Apparel T-Shirt and features the Minimal Goods logo printed on the front in white ink. The print is barely noticeable, and from a distance you probably would’t even be able to see it. And thus the beauty of a minimalist T-Shirt. There isn’t much more to say about this tee, and off course, I wanted to keep this post to a minimum.

The Minimal Tee is available now from Minimal Goods for $15.99.

Minimal Tee