Teenage Mutant Ninja Mona Lisa

Growing up I was a huge Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles fan. Don’ believe me? Read this. So I love the Turtles and I love wearing Mona Lisa tees. I’ve got a few Mona Lisa tees and I feel like THIS T-Shirt from Snorg Tees is a MUST. It’s called Leonardo but I’d like to rename it Teenage Mutant Ninja Mona Lisa. Cowabunga!

Leonardo is available now from SnorgTees for $14.95.

Nothing Better Than Young Lovers

There’s nothing better than young lovers. Then again, young lovers turned old lovers over time is pretty awesome as well. Having said that, both of these T-Shirts from Young Lovers are made with the finest premium ultra-soft combed ringspun 100% cotton. Even better, only 100 of each T-Shirt design from Young Lovers is ever made so each shirt is a limited print.

Two particular Young Lovers T-Shirts caught my eye, Dylan X Beethoven and Anonymous Mona. First, what a fucking brilliant move to mash-up two of the greatest musicians of all time into one epic silhouette. Second, I’m not sure what’s more haunting, Mona Lisa with her ambiguous face or Mona Lisa without her ambiguous face.

Both T-Shirts are available now from Young Lovers for $48.

Renaissance Rocks

Oh you Enkel Dika, you outdid yourself this time! I absolutely love this tee KISS/Mona Lisa mashup tee by the man known as buko in the Threadless blogs. I think Gene Simmons and his tongue would definitely be proud of this piece. And by the way, you’ve got to love the detail on this design, especially the little pin on Mona and the tat just above her right tit. Love it.

Renaissance Rocks is available now from Threadless for $20, go get it!

Renaissance Rocks

Renaissance Rocks