The Hu$tle Harder Movement

Urban Flight is about being motivated, driven, goal-oriented, financially aware, focused and keen, and not letting other people judge you or stop you in the pursuit of your goals or dreams in life.”

How could you not respect a brand that runs itself based on the words above. Those are words to live by. In fact, the Urban Flight Hu$tle Harder T-Shirt is one that we all should be able to appreciate. Work hard, play hard, and hustle harder. One of my favorite books about the art of hustle, especially in this increasingly social networked world, is Crush It!: Why NOW Is the Time to Cash In on Your Passion by Gary Vaynerhuk. It’s a great. Be sure to pick up the book when you pick up Hu$tle Harder by Urban Flight which is available now for $20.

Think About It: Dress Royale

Think About It. That’s one of the first things that I thought about when I saw the goods over at Dress Royale. The designers really thought about their designs and how it relates to what is going on around the world. They thought about the messages that they wanted to convey and then they implemented it with art. Dress Royale is inspiring. I dig this brand.

The first shirt that caught my eye is called Sleep and it’s about the pharmaceutical industry. An industry that I feel is very corrupt. Sleep is available now for $18.

“For the first time ever, in 2006, global spending on prescription drugs topped $643 billion. The United States accounts for almost half of the global pharmaceutical market, with $289 billion in annual sales followed by the EU and Japan.”

I too can be guilty of succumbing to a marketing campaign. We all consume more than we should at times. Some of us take unnecessary consumption to a whole other level. Consume is available now for $18.

“Brainwashing refers to a systematic process in which manipulative methods are used to distort an individual’s sense of control over their own thinking, behavior, emotions or decision making.”

I am one that can actually appreciate a good ad. I really enjoy a great ad when I see one, which is rarely. Place Your Ad is available for $18.

“In 2010, spending on advertising was estimated at more than $300 billion in the United States and $500 billion worldwide.”

Indie Tee Spotlight #28: Verde Styles Wins Pepsi Refresh Project

What would you do if you won $25,000 to to help fun your great idea? Well, luckily Verde Styles doesn’t have to worry about what they’ll do with $25,000 because they came up with a succinct plan that actually won them that exact amount from the Pepsi Refresh Project. Yes, that huge corporation that makes that very popular soft drink that you love to drink gave an independent T-Shirt company $25,000.

So what did CEO and Founder of Verde Styles, Nish Patel, and the rest of the Verde Styles team plan to do with the money? Read on and find out!

Coty: Tell us a little about the Pepsi Refresh Project and how you found out about it.

Nish: I found out about the Pepsi Refresh Project luckily through MTV considering I hardly every watch it.  The Pepsi Refresh Project provides grants to individuals, organizations, and businesses to make the world a better place by giving back. The categories of ideas range include health, culture, education, neighborhoods, and the planet. Thanks to our friends and family religiously voting every day, Verde Styles to 8th for The Planet and won a $25,000 grant.

Coty: Why did you think Verde Style was a perfect fit for the Pepsi Refresh Project?

Nish: Verde Styles was founded on the basis of becoming a business with a major social impact. By not only being profitable, but also helping the community at the same time. We make sure all of our products are made ethically and within the United States. Refreshing is a word which I think describes Verde Styles. Our hip and artistic approach to environmental problems is a refreshing outlook in our world today.

Coty: What were some of the ideas/goals that Verde Styles put forth for the Pepsi Refresh Project?

Nish: Verde Styles main goal is to spread awareness about the environment through our tees. With the grant money, we can now travel to other locations around the country to make our nation a “Verde Nation.” Another idea that we can now fund is a “Zero Carbon Footprint” event planned for Earth Day 2011. The event will be powered by energy generated from people pedaling bicycles.

Coty: Some of your ideas are pretty ambitious, like “Host 20 recycling drives around the nation.” Has it been tough trying to accomplish everything you said that you would do?

Nish: As a small company, it is always tough to organize and plan events while taking care of other things. Luckily, we have many of our friends helping us get the job done, from helping us organize recycling drives at college campuses to thinking of new designs for tees and products. We continue to stay ambitious by keeping our website fresh with a new tee every Wednesday along with a fun interactive Blog.

Coty: Verde Styles was awarded a $25,000 grant last August, what’s your progress been like so far?

Nish: We have been working hard to keep the ball rolling. Just this past October, we traveled to West Chester University and University of Pittsburg for two amazing events. Also, we participated in Sustainability Day on Temple University’s campus. For the future, we have started to plan events at music festivals around the country.

Coty: You guys set out to plant 3,000 brand new trees. How close are you to that number?

Nish: After our successful events this past October, we have reached 2000 trees planted. After we have reached our goal, we will continue to plant trees as well as help other causes that Verde Styles believes in.

Thanks again to Nish Patel for stopping by and sharing his story of how Verde Styles was able to accomplish something pretty amazing. For more information on Verde Styles, please visit their website, you can also purchase their T-Shirts there as well!

David Arquette Screen Printing + Unknown Artifact

I spotted an interesting video of David Arquette doing some screen printing while perusing the blog at Unknown Artifact, a brand new clothing company looking to make a name for itself.

Unknown Artifacts founder, CJ, spotted David Arquette hand printing a few T-Shirts for his clothing brand, Propr Clothing, while watching Last Call With Carson Daly. As CJ points out, Arquette is using water-based discharge ink as he hand prints his tees. Surprisingly, Arquette even admitted to having a single press at his home. Neat!

And here’s a little taste of Unknown Artifact. The three shirts below were part of the first Unknown Artifact release, which was quickly auctioned off as part of the Experimental Education Unit in Seattle, Washington. Although these shirts are not currently for sale, you get a good idea of what Unknown Artifact is all about. I don’t know about you, but I’m pretty excited to see future Unknown Artifact designs.

Unknown Artifacts

Screw The Holidays

This tee from Print Liberation is the perfect compliment to the Scrooge in you. With Christmas approaching, those of us without an unlimited cash flow are probably feeling the pinch. With the endless number of Christmas parties and gift exchanges, it’s no wonder that Print Liberation made this shirt. Wear this tee to your next Christmas party and let everyone know exactly just how you really feel.

Screw The Holidays