Beam This: Star Wars > Star Trek

Oh. My Goodness. The latest T-Shirt from our friends at 604Republic is pure geek awesomeness! The shirt is called Beam This and it features what appears to be Darth Vader uppercutting somebody from the Starship Enterprise. Hah! I’ve always been a Star Wars guy. What’s odd is that as a kid, I always thought that Star Trek was a cheap knockoff of Star Wars – until later down the line when I learned that Star Wars was released after Star Trek. Still, everything about Star Wars is greater than its Star Trek counterpart. In my eyes, anyway.

Beam This is available now from 604Republic now for $19.95.

Shang Tsung’s Mugshot

Poor Shang Tsung aka Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa. Here’s his mugshot. Turns out he pleaded guilty to harassing his girlfriend. So much for being a powerful and greedy sorcerer. He should have thrown a few flaming skulls as he left court.