Labyrinth’s Key To Life

What’s the Key To Life? If you knew the answer to that then you’d probably either be 1. very enlightened, or 2. very rich. Actually, you’d probably be both. Key To Life is part of Labyrinth Clothing’s Ancient Series and depicts an Ancient Egyptian inspired illustration revealing a hieroglyphic message of the Key to Life on a cartouche, “The key to life is that life is a Labyrinth” so where will yours take you?

Key To Life is available now from Labyrinth Clothing for $16.50.

PS: It’s cool to see Labyrinth Clothing still kicking. They were one of the first indie brands that I covered when I started this blog. Many of those early brands have died off, Labyrinth Clothing has survived. Awesome.

Monster Mash by Blair Sayer

This shirt is straight up cool! It’s called Monster Mash and was designed by Blair Sayer. It’s available now for the TeeFury price of $9.00 (+$2.00 to the US and $5.00 elsewhere). Definitely a tee to pick up if you know someone that loves showbiz monsters, because this shirt has em’ all – from Frankenstein to Count Dracula to The Mummy. This shirt is a whose who of classic big screen monsters. 

I want to pick this tee up so badly but the only thing holding me back is that the shipping cost to Hawaii is $5, more than half the price of the tee itself! TeeFury, Hawaii and Alaska is part of the United States! Please, please, please, especially since Shirt.Woot offers free shipping to Hawaii and beyond!

Monster Mash

Monster Mash