Meet The Glamour Kills Crew

Are you a Glamour Kills fan? If so then check out this recent Glamour Kills video that basically interviews the staff over at Glamour Kills about what they do as well as their thoughts about their coworkers. I can imagine it be quite fun to work there! And, check out their newest tee, Punk Goes Pop 2, it’s available for presale at $24.99 and also comes with a free CD of the same name. I’ve included a tracklist for the CD below. 

Punk Goes Pop

Punk Goes Pop 2 Track Listing
1. Alesana – What Goes Around… by Justin Timberlake
2. Silverstein – Apologize by One Republic
3. August Burns Red – Baby One More Time- Britney Spears
4. Mayday Parade – When I Grow Up by Pussycat Dolls
5. A Day to Remember – Over My Head by The Fray
6. Escape the Fate – Smooth by Santana feat. Rob Thomas
7. There For Tomorrow – Ice Box by Omarion
8. Chiodos – Flagpole Sitta by Harvey Danger
9. Bayside – Beautiful Girls by Sean Kingston
10. Breathe Carolina – See You Again by Miley Cyrus
11. The Cab – Disturbia by Rihanna
12. A Static Lullaby – Toxic by Britney Spears
13. Four Year Strong – Love Song by Sara Bareilles
14. Attack Attack! – I Kissed a Girl by Katy Perry

Jack Johnson’s Sleep Through The Static Tour Posters

I discovered these posters on Jack Johnson’s site and absolutely love them. These are limited edition posters made for Jack’s 2008 Sleep Through The Static Tour. Each of these posters represent a different city from Jack’s summer tour and each of the 15 posters were made by a different artist. I just love the colors and the artwork. Don’t you think they go well with Jack’s music?

By the way, a collection of Sleep Through The Static remixes were released on iTunes this past week. On it you can find remixes of Hope (2 versions), Losing Keys, Monsoon, Angel, They Do, They Don’t, and If I Had Eyes. There are also three videos that come with this release, including a Sleep Through The Static/I Love You and Buddha Too, Enemy and Adrift. Be sure to check it out!

Here are 6 of my faves of the 15 limited edition posters. What do you think about them?

And to keep the Jack Johnson/Apple theme going, here’s a video of Jack performing at the Apple Media Event a few weeks ago, when they unveiled those disturbingly beautiful new iPod Nano’s.

Guerrero and Shimabukuro Cover The Beatles’ Something

Here’s a great cover of the Beatles’ “Something” featuring YouTube Ukulele star Aldrine Guerrero and International ukulele superstar, Jake Shimabukuro. Credit goes to Ryan for sending me this Beatles cover, I guess he was inspired after seeing that post I did last week on the Korean kid sing “Hey Judge.” 

Anyhow, some history on this splendid song. “Something” was actually featured on the 1969 album, Abbey Road. And even more interesting, “Something” was the first Beatles single written by the late George Harrison. “Something” is second only to “Yesterday” as the most covered Beatles song. 

Something in the way she moves,
Attracts me like no other lover.
Something in the way she woos me.
I don’t want to leave her now,
You know I believe and how.

Somewhere in her smile she knows,
That I don’t need no other lover.
Something in her style that shows me.
I don’t want to leave her now,
You know I believe and how.

You’re asking me will my love grow,
I don’t know, I don’t know.
You stick around now, it may show,
I don’t know, I don’t know.

Something in the way she knows,
And all I have to do is think of her.
Something in the things she shows me.
I don’t want to leave her now.
You know I believe and how.

I’ve Broken the 20,000 Song Barrier

Here’s a blog post I made in October of 2006:

“So I was doing some work and I look up to see my iTunes window. And I think to myself, hmmm, “how close am I to 10,000 songs?” So I take a look. And to my suprise, I actually hit 10,001! Weird, I tell you, weird. Freakingly weird, in fact.
But anyways, do you know how much music 10,001 songs is? Well first of all, it is 41.71 GB worth, thats how much. Secondly, it is enough to play music continuously for 25.4 days! Crazy huh. Crazy.

For the record, last song I played was (checking now)…”Famous Last Words” by My Chemical Romance.”

Well, less than two years later, I have doubled that amount. I find this amazing as the initial 10,000 songs took about 4 years or so to build. The funny thing is, I haven’t even yet imported all of my CD’s (yeah, remember those shiny thing-a-ma-bobs). So, 20,000 songs later, I’m out nearly 90 GB (yes, NINETY GIGABYTES). That’s enough music to last me 50 days. And I still I have the rest of my CD collection to import! Well, here’s to the next 10,000.

And for the record, the last set of songs imported were from the Beastie Boys Discography!

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