Co-Tee TV 85: The N-Spired Story, Marathon Man and Bouncy House Grayskull

In this episode of Co-Tee TV I wear Castle Graysull Jumper by David Gruss (aka Griggitee) for TeeFury and review Chapter 1: Defying Nature by The N-Spired Story, a brand that specializes in allowing people to share their stories with the world and help them come to life through art, fashion and a social act. The N-Spired Story tells the story of the world one T-Shirt at a time. They’ve put together a very informative film that I’ve posted below.

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Coty’s Thoughts:

Chapter 1: Defying Nature by The N-Spired Story (designed by Grande). Pros: I absolutely loved, loved, loved the packaging! The black and yellow colors on the packaging worked perfectly together, and the brand name just jumps out at you. The T-Shirt itself is tagless and features a screen printed label, a rather large and detailed one at that. Very artsy design, featuring a large piece of rock being carried by a tiny bird. The print itself is quite large but soft. The T-Shirt is nice and soft, and a bit looser than the typical American Apparel tees that I am used to. If I had to guess, I would say that the design is a Direct-To-Garment print (however, I can’t verify this) [Update: it has been confirmed by The N-Spired Story that all the T-Shirts are screen printed by hand].

What’s interesting about this T-Shirt design is that it is based on a true story. The N-Spried took that story of a 61 year-old potato farmer from the small town of Beech Forest, Australia who defied nature by doing what most people thought was impossible, especially for a man at his age. Cliff Young, in gumboots and overalls, not only won the 875 km Westfield Sydney to Melbourne Ultra Marathon in 5 days, 15 hours and 4 minutes (only sleeping 12 hours during the marathon), shattering all previous records by nearly a day and a half, but also has provided the world with what might be the one of the most inspirational and least-known accomplishments in history. Designer Grande took this story of Cliff young and turned it into a piece of art.

Proceeds from Defying Nature go to a charity.

Suggestions: My main suggestion would possibly be in improving the print of the design – maybe screen print if they aren’t already doing so. [Update: it has been confirmed by The N-Spired Story that all the T-Shirts are screen printed by hand]. Other than that, I think that the N-Spired Story is a great idea. Not only do you get the T-Shirt, but you also get to read about an inspirational story, and you also help out a charity. Neat!

Price: 19.95 €

Castle Graysull Jumper by David Gruss(aka Griggitee) for TeeFury for Threadless. Thoughts: What could be better than He-Man and Skeletor getting together and having some fun in a portable Castle Grayskull Jumper? Nothing.

Price: No longer available for sale.

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