Limited Edition Fur Face Diggler by Fur Face Boy

Our Friend Ha Mai, founder and creator of Fur Face Boy, has got to be one of the MOST passionate people that I know. When he loves something, he really loves it. And let me tell you, he fucking loves the Dallas Mavericks.

“F YEA!!! After SO many years of agony, torment and waiting –the 3 J’s, Terry Davis, Roy Tarpley, Doug Smtih, Lorenzo Williams, Popeye Jones, Toni Braxton, Jim Cleamons, Ross Perot Jr., Frank Zaccanelli, Cherokee Parks, Chris Anstey, Chris Gatling, Samaki Walker, Shawn Bradley, Gary Trent, Robert Pack, Dennis Rodman, Erick Strickland, Howard Eisley, Calvin Booth, Don Nelson, Avery Johnson, the Big 3, the Golden Nuggets, the one game only pewter jerseys, the Antwins, the ’06 Finals, the Golden State debacle, player after player, let down after let down, meltdown after meltdown –MY Dallas Mavericks put the beat down on the Evil Empire to FINALLY win an NBA Championship! And to celebrate MY Mavs winning it all, the FUR FACE DIGGLER is back, only this time… a CHAMPION!” -The Fur Face Boy, Ha Mai

I’m happy for you bro. And to celebrate, why don’t all of you Dallas Mavericks / Fur Face Boy fans go and pick up a very limited edition Fur Face Diggler T-Shirt. It’s only available for sale until Wednesday, June 15.

The FUR FACE DIGGLER (Champion Edition) tee will be available through PRE-ORDER ONLY until Wednesday, June 15 at 11:59pm (CST), so be sure to secure this LIMITED-TIME tee today before time runs out! Shirts are scheduled to ship out to YOU on Saturday, June 18th.

PS: If you love this Fur Face Boy T-Shirt then you’ll LOVE an upcoming post that I’ve got planned. You see, while I was in the academic jungles preparing for my Dissertation Defense, Fur FaceBoy sent me a box. In that Fur Face Box was a treasure trove of Fur Face Boy T-Shirts. I haven’t forgotten about that box and I am excited to share with all of you the contents! To be continued…

NBA Championship T-Shirts From 1980-2010 + Great Finals Moments

The 2010 NBA Finals are well underway and I thought I would reflect back on the championships of yesteryear. And what better way to do that then to showoff the respective championship T-Shirts of yesteryear.

You’ll find a selection of NBA Championship tees from 1980 up until 2009 below. I’ve even got a spot waiting for the 2010 winners. It was quite interesting to see each decades take on the championship T-Shirt. My favorite decade (in terms of NBA championship tees are concerned) has got to be the 80’s. I love the simplicity of the designs. What can I say, I’m a throwback kind of guy. I even remember my uncles sporting that 1987 Lakers caricature shirt. Did I mention that the majority of the my immediate family members are Laker fans. I, on the other hand, grew up cheering for Michael Jordan and the Bulls. And to this day, until the Bulls get back to the NBA Finals, I will always cheer for the team representing the Eastern Conference.

I’ve also included NBA Finals video clips from each year. Be sure to check out the 1984 video (about 50 seconds in) featuring the Celtics celebration. The on court celebration was crazy, with one fan deciding to climb on top of the rim. You would probably get tasered if you tried that in this day and age.

Laker Hater? Celtics Fan? Buy your BEAT LA T-Shirts here!


Are you following the 2010 NBA Finals? I’d love to hear who you’re cheering for! Celtics? Lakers? Leave a comment below and let me know!

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2010: Soon To Be Announced (T-Shirt Pending)

2009: Los Angeles Lakers (4-1 vs. Orlando Magic)


2008: Boston Celtics (4-2 vs. Los Angeles Lakers)


2007: San Antonio Spurs (4-0 vs. Cleveland Cavaliers)


2006: Miami Heat (4-2 vs. Dallas Mavericks)


2005: San Antonio Spurs (4-3 vs. Detroit Pistons)


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