I Believe In The Loch Ness Monster

I seriously flipped out when I spotted this shirt over at the French tee blog, Grafitee. Simple typography plus a mention of The Loch Ness Monster got me excited. I Believe In The Loch Ness Monster is a product of Excessisok (Eio) Clothing, a cult streetwear brand inspired by music and art. The shirt itself is made from premium quality ultra soft esmeril cotton and features raw edged sleeves. The shirts are produced in Portugal and hand printed in the U.K. It’s available for purchase from £ 24.95 ($40 US). 

I Believe In The Loch Ness Monster

Star Trek Interactive Tribbles for sale!

TypeTees Slogan-A-Day Experiment Week 7

And my TypeTees Slogan-A-Day Experiment saga continues! I’ve got 7 new slogans for you all to vote on, so get on it! Show me some Threadless love! To see all of my slogans and to vote for them check out my Threadless profile page. Vote for me and I will make you an awesome avocado burger if ever we meet in real life.


My natural glow has been known to make some people blush.

Yes, people have told me that I have a natural glow. But since this is the Internet, you’ll have to take my word.  

My lack of creativity is due to an unmotivated right brain.

Whenever I’m having a day thats lacking creativity I just blame the right hemisphere of my brain. The purveyor of all thing awesome. Stay active, stay strong!

I specialize in the psychology of awesomeness.

The next two “psychology” themed slogans are a result of me working on a two papers on the subject. Universities should seriously offer a course in the Psychology of Awesomeness. What makes awesome people, awesome? Are there brain regions associated with extreme awesomeness? And, of course, what are the fundamental behavioral characteristics of awesomeness? 

Be forewarned: I suffer from selective attention.

I seriously do. If it’s something that I wish to just have fly through one ear and out the other then that’s exactly what will happen. Selective attention, it’s not a choice, it’s an innate characteristic that I possess. 

I believe in Bigfoot, Nessie and world peace.

This is one of the statement slogans. I wish Bigfoot existed so that I could give him a cookie. I wish Nessie existed so that I could snap a pic of her/him and I wish that world peace existed so that we could all live happy and be happy. But of course, we know that Bigfoot doesn’t exist, Nessie was a hoax and world peace, well, until we get rid of religion (among other things) we can forget about that. 

The dog didn’t eat my homework. I just didn’t do it.

It seems that every week I have at least one slogan that highlights my laziness. In truth, I’m not a lazy person – I just wish I could lounge around all day. By the way, I firmly believe in doing homework – it builds character!

Double dipping is negligible contamination.

Double dipping has never really been a big problem for me (unless you have a noticeable cold sore). I’m not sure why people get into such hizzy about it. It’s not a big deal! Or is it?