Co-Tee TV Episode 74: Eleprint, Frank and Jan and Unplugged

In this episode of Co-Tee TV I wear Eleprint by Fur Face Boy and review Unplugged by Frank and Jan, a brand that was founded in 2007 in Los Angeles, California and and born from common themes of capitalism, fame, minimalism and consumption of pop culture. Frank & Jan is an art and design driven company showcasing bold graphics mixed with simple, functional apparel.

Fur Face Boy sent me an insane amount of T-Shirts from their Series 3 Line. I will be featuring the shirts throughout Co-Tee TV Episodes 70-79 so definitely keep an eye out for even more Fur Face Boy in the coming weeks! See Episode 70 of Co-Tee TV for the Fur Face Boy full review.

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Coty’s Thoughts:

Unplugged by Frank and Jan. Pros: T-Shirts are shipped in individual plastic bags inside of a black Frank and Jan custom mailer. Frank and Jan tees are tagless and feature the Frank and Jan logo. Frank and Jan custom logo stickers are included with each T-Shirt. Unplugged features a ver large vertical print featuring half tones to give the illusion of different shades of blacks and grays as well as extra depth to the design. Unplugged is a little tame compared to some of the other Frank and an offerings. If you want something a little more risque then be sure to check out the Frank and Jan online shop! Cons: Size wise, the T-Shirt seems slighter larger than the American Apparel blanks that we typically review here. If you like color in your designs then Frank and Jan may not be your cup of tea – they tend to focus on designs that feature just black and white. Some of the tees over at Frank and Jan’s shop are a little vulgar, but if you like that kind of thing then you probably will love Frank and Jan! Price: $24 (Sold Out). You can purchase some Frank and Jan tees from, but you will pay a premium for them.

“In addition to art and design, Frank & Jan is also a full-service screen printing shop providing quality, custom design and screen printing services for individuals and businesses. Influences Include: Pop culture icons, fame, street culture, gangster rap, punk rock, religious iconography, reggae, death metal, and infamous front page headlines.”

Frank and Jan

Frank and Jan

Frank and Jan

Frank and Jan

Frank and Jan

FFB Eleprint by Fur Face Boy. I’m a big fan of Michael Jordan, Jordan Brand and Nike, and so when I saw that FFB Eleprint featuring the famous elephant print from the Air Jordan 3’s (circa 1988) I was stoked. Fur Face Boy founder, Ha Mai, continues to draw inspiration from his childhood passions and incorporate them into his brand – you’ve got to respect that. unfortunately, FFB Eleprint is no longer available for sale because it’s sold out! Hint: If you want something from Fur Face Boy then buy it when you see because it will sell out at one point or another and probably sooner than you’d expect! Price: $32 (Sold Out).

Fur Face Boy

Fur Face Boy

Fur Face Boy

Fur Face Boy

Also mentioned in this episode:

Michael Jordan

Air Jordan 11

Space Jam

Alright OK

Fuzzy Ink

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Cute microbes on sale

A Little Story About Kevin Garnett

I’ve featured A.J. Dimarucot aka Collision Theory on this blog many times before (read interview) and was excited when I read this post that he made over at Emptees regarding a Kevin Garnett design that he did a year ago. This story should be pretty inspiring for you would be and hopeful designer types.

I had a friend who worked in Adidas in my country and I emailed him the graphic, asking him to send it over to his US contacts. I was hoping they would pick it up and use it on t-shirts.

A year passed and nothing came of it. Until June of this year.

I got an email.

From Adidas.

They wanted to buy the graphic.


I didn’t wait long enough….I had sold the graphic to a clothing line who liked the zombie quality of the design. And they didn’t really care that it was actually KG. I never expected Adidas to come back to me after so long. So I sold the damn design to someone else!

So I told the Adidas contact it was not available anymore expecting I would probably miss the only chance I could work with a client like Adidas. But good thing they wanted me to do graphics for Dwight Howard (fuck you SWH haha) and Derrick Rose. So I did! They’re not in stores yet and probably won’t be available until 2010 (if at all they print it).

So I was stoked. Thinking I was lucky enough to have worked for them. Damn good pieces for the folio.

I thought it would end there.

Come November of this year. Nike US emails me and asks if I could do some t-shirt graphics for them. Telling me how much they like my work. They actually showed me a design of mine they really liked.

Guess what graphic it was..


So I did two Nike Air Max graphics for them for their Europe accounts. They paid me a damn huge amount and they may or may not print the design.

So there. I officially love Kevin Garnett.

Moral of the story. Do things you love. One day someone will pay you for it.

Kevin Garnett

Nike T-Shirt Gun

I don’t think words could even give this item justice. Seriously. So I’m going to keep the word count to a minimum so you can enjoy the photos and video. It’s a Nike branded T-Shirt Gun and no, it’s not a concept piece. It’s an actual product that was sold on the Nike website for a cool $1500 (currently sold out).

Nike T-Shirt Gun

Nike T-Shirt Gun

Nike T-Shirt Gun
Nike T-Shirt Gun

Co-Tee TV Episode 19: Wingtips, Ten Bills and Peaceful Primates

In this episode I wear Wingtips by Manos Lakoutsis and review a tee from Ten Bills called Bird Is My Best Friend that was designed by Doug Cowan. Ten Bills was founded on the idea that cool, fresh looking shirts should be made available for just 10 bucks. Ten Bills made that happen and now you can get fresh tees all year round for a stunningly affordable 10 bills. 

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Coty’s Thoughts:

Bird Is My Best Friend by Doug Cowan. Good: Great illustration from Doug Cowan, the shirt fits great, a little longer than American Apparel tees but that shouldn’t be a problem after the first wash. The tee is tagless for itch free comfort and features a screen printed neck label instead. The best part of the tee is it’s price – it’s cheap! This is a great shirt for anyone that’s into philosophy, animals or both! Bad: Not much, I was a bit skeptical about quality, at first, but the shirt is comparable to what other sites are selling at double the price. I’ll sure be picking up tees from Ten Bills in the future! Price: $10.00.

Bird Is My Best Friend by Ten Bills

Wingtips by Manos Lakoutsis for Threadless. This here is a classic Threadless tee. I’m not wearing a first edition, unfortunately, but still – great shirt! This one is actually printed on an American Apparel tee rather than the Threadless branded tee (I prefer the AA fit over the Threadless fit). Perfect shirt for any shoe snob. Price: $9.00 (available in very limited quantities and sizes).

Wingtips by Manos Lakoutsis

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Favorite Commercials from the 2008 Beijing Olympics

One thing that I love about major sporting events are the epic commercials. Here are 5 commercials from the 2008 Beijing Olympics that left a lasting impression on me. Which commercials were your favorites?

All That You Need is Inside of You

Nike USA Basketball and Marvin Gaye

Nastia Liukin 2008 VISA Go World Commercial

It’s Simply That They Are Human, and We Are Human – Go World

The Best of Us – Heroes