8-Bit Karate Kid

Oh my, it’s been way too long since I’ve mentioned our good friends over at Found Item Clothing. Macho Slut, I hope that you are doing well! With that said, all of you 80’s kids MUST check out this 8-Bit Karate Kid T-Shirt. It’s A-W-E-S-O-M-E. It’s a Mortal Kombat x Karate Kid Mashup. The Brits would call this one brilliant. And I’d have to agree with them.

8-But Karate Kid is available now from Found Item Clothing for $19.95.

The Unofficial Duck Hunt Tie

How I wish this tie existed for me to purchase. In fact, only one of these custom ties designed by Maya Pixelskaya exist and it recently sold on eBay for $160.87. It’s so fun! I would totally wear this tie to lecture. A university professor wearing a tie featuring one of his favorite childhood games, Duck Hunt. Can’t go wrong. Hmmm, she made one. Maybe I can make one too?

The Unofficial Duck Hunt Tie is NOT available for sale, unless, you decide to track down the eBay winner and threaten to shoot hit ducks.

2 Bros Plumbing: Where You at Mario and Luigi?

It’s been a very long time since I’ve posted a T-Shirt from our friends at Go Ape Shirts (Hi Josh!). Their latest creation is buzz worthy because it’s a one of those video game parody T-Shirts that you just have to have. And if you’re like me and grew up in the 80’s playing Super Mario Bros then you will LOVE this T-Shirt. The shirt was designed by Austin, Texas based graphic designer, bortwein. It features a fictional van that Mario and Luigi may have used in some alternate Nintendo universe. It’s great. And that product shot, are you kidding me, it’s so awesome!

2 Bros Plumbing is available now from Go Ape Shirts for $21.99.

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Shirtness Radness From The Fangamer

People will either LOVE this T-Shirt or they will consider it an eye sore. I actually really dig this blue and yellow stripped T-Shirt from Fangamer. Long time video game fans will recognize this T-Shirt from the role-playing video game series created by Shigesato Itoi for Nintendo, EarthBound. Naive onlookers might mistake you for a very intense Michigan fan. Hey, I too was a fan of The Fab Five.

This T-Shirt is not about Michigan or The Fab Five. It’s about old fashioned video game goodness. And if you are about to recognize the origin of this T-Shirt then you owe it to yourself to OWN it. Now.

Shirtness is available now from Fangamer for $25.

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The Gaming Loop

Fangamer got it right with this gaming shirt! The Gaming Loop is a nice homage to the classic video game console gamepad/controller1. And how cool is it that Fangamer references Chrono Trigger in their product description! Of course, we all remember that, when in the facotry ruins, we must head north in the long passage, grab the Plasma Gun and then use the computer that requires the ZABIE password. ZABIE as in XABY on the controller!

“Whether entering the security code ZABIE or simply trying to open the menu (usually it’s X, but sometimes it’s Y), every gamer has the familiar contours of the gaming loop stuck in their head — now you can keep them close to your heart as well!

This tribute to multicultural gaming history was designed by controller fanatic Jon Kay and printed on 100% cotton American Apparel 2001 shirts. The ‘Homeland’ version is printed on New Silver, while the ‘Overseas’ version is Black. The 4X shirts are printed on Anvil 420 organic cotton black/white tees, and the 5X/6X shirts are printed on Hanes 5250 black/asphalt tees.”

The Gaming Loop is available now from the Fangamer for $22.

1. I’m a bit saddened by the fact that classic gaming controller as we know it is somewhat on the endangered list. I mean, Apple has pretty much changed the game with its touch based mobile devices. As we’ve seen with the iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad, gaming is a large facet of these devices. And soon, we might see a greater Apple presence in the living room – The mythical Apple TV (a real TV and not the little streaming box we have today). Will this kick the classic gaming console as we know it to the curb? Possibly.

365 Days of T-Shirts: Day 13 – Pac-Shirt Postcard

“Ditch the tie. Wear a T-Shirt.” is the motto for today’s Project365 item. I call it the Pac-Shirt Postcard. I actually came up with this idea during my recent trip to Los Angeles. Surrounded by tourist-y postcards, I realized that there was indeed a lack of T-Shirt themed postcards. Here’s my first attempt to remedy that situation.

I had a couple of ideas for the front of the postcard, but ultimately ended up going with a Pac-Man theme. In lieu of Pac-Man, we’ve got a makeshift T-Shirt Pac-Shirt and instead of ghosts, we have neck ties and bow ties – the ultimate T-Shirt adversary. Enjoy!

Note: the Pac-Shirt Postcard is sized according to standard shape and size guidelines according to the United States Postal Service. The card is 6” long X 4 1/4” high.

Day 13: Pac-Shirt Postcard


  1. Thick Card Stock Paper (paper should be around 0.007-0.016 inches thick or 80-120 pounds should to do the trick)
  2. Color Inkjet Printer


  1. Insert paper into printer and print the front postcard file (file labeled Postcard-Front.jpg).
  2. Once the front of the postcard has finished printing, flip it over and insert into your printer once more and print the back of the postcard (file labeled Postcard-Back.jpg).
  3. Cut postcard out of the paper.
  4. Write a message and send to someone who needs to wear a little less ties and a bit more T-Shirts!

This Pac-Shirt Postcard was inspired by Pac-Man.

Download the Pac-Shirt Postcard - (313.67 kB)

This is the front of the Pac-Shirt Postcard (click for a closer view).

This is the back of the Pac-Shirt Postcard (click for a closer view).

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Diagram 5-3: Kuribo’s Shoe

We’ve seen exploded tees before but none as geeky mysterious as Diagram 5-3 by 15 Bit Gamer. If you know what particular item is exploding than I tip my hat off to you, because, I had no clue. It turns out that Diagram 5-3 references a small detail from Super Mario Bros. 3 for the NES. Apparently, Diagram 5-3 is a diagram of Kuribo’s shoe. But who the heck or what the heck is a Kuribo? The Giant Bomb explains:

Kuribo’s Shoe is a rare power-up first seen in level 5-3 in Super Mario Bros. 3 for the NES. It is first mentioned after you beat World 2 in a letter given to you by Princess Peach. The name “Kuribo’s Shoe” comes from the fact that in the Japanese version of Super Mario Bros. 3, Goombas are known as Kuribos. A second revision of Super Mario Bros. 3 was released that renamed Kuribo’s Shoe to Goomba’s Shoe, though in its appearance in Super Mario All-Stars for the SNES, it had reverted to its original name.

Kuribo’s Shoe is a giant green boot with what appears to be a spring-winding key on the side, and it is initially occupied by a Goomba. While attempting to jump on top of Kuribo’s Shoe while still occupied by this Goomba will eliminate both Kuribo’s Shoe and the Goomba, attacking from underneath knocks the Goomba out of the shoe, making it possible for Mario to take control. While Mario’s speed is reduced while in Kuribo’s Shoe, he’s able to traverse terrain that would otherwise harm him. These terrains include spiked floors and jumping baby pirahna plants. Unlike other power-ups, it is possible for Mario to keep his current power-up (e.g. Fire Flower) while using Kuribo’s Shoe.

So there you go. Kuribos is actually the Japanese translation for Goombas. Who knew! Now, if you are enough of a gamer geek to appreciate this T-Shirt or are one of those super obsessed Super Mario freaks than you probably want to buy this T-Shirt to stump your geekiest friends. Head on over 15 Bit Gamer to purchase Diagram 5-3 now for $17.

And for more on Kuribo’s Shoe, check out the video of it below in play!

The Fur Face Boy Summer 2010 Series

Our friend Ha Mai of Fur Face Boy just released some teaser photos of his upcoming Summer 2010 Series, and man am I drooling! The summer series, will be released this Saturday in Dallas, Texas at Adikt Footwear. Included in the new line are 4 brand new Fur Face Boy T-Shirts, 1 Tank and special Fur Face Boy x Adikt collaboration tee.

The FFB x Adikt collaboration tee is limited to a print of 36 so be sure to grab yours before they are gone forever (remember, Fur Face Boy rarely, if ever, does reprints). I have to say that I am really digging this collab tee. It’s a solid follow up to the super popular Little FFB shirt that I sported in Episode 71 of Co-Tee TV. I’m just jealous that I won’t be able to head down to Adikt to grab one.

The rest of the summer line includes some 90’s nostalgia, more comic book references and the return of Bearmaibrick!

No word yet on pricing for the new FFB tees, but you can expect it to be at or around the $32 price point of other FFB T-Shirts.

Fur Face Boy X Adikt

Summertime Bearmaibrick

Captain Amerifur

Ice Pop

Fur Face Boy Fresh

Join us this Saturday July 24 for ice cream, hot dogs, beer, and 90′s hip-hop and R&B as we proudly host Fur Face Boy’s Summer release party. We’ll also have a special FFBxAdikt collab tee that we’ll be dropping so don’t miss out! Check out FFB’s website to get a sneak peek of the new releases and be sure to follow him on twitter. The party will kick off at 3pm, make sure to get here early so you won’t miss out on these limited releases!

Fur Face Boy Summer 2010 Series Release Party at Adikt

And finally, here’s a photo of of what some people are willing to do to get their hands on the FFB x Adikt collab tee!

Fur Face Boy x Adikt Summer Collab Tee

This is How You Lego A Theadless T-Shirt

On a scale of 0 to 100, with o being radless to 100 being amazingly rad, this Threadless T-Shirt to Lego build conversion by Alex Eylar scores an astounding 100 on my radness scale. Alex took the recently released, Tetris themed T-Shirt, and “rebuilt” it using some oversized Lego’s. Alex originally posted the photo over on his Flickr page.

Threadless Tetris T-Shirt in Legos

And here is the original Threadless T-Shirt, Let The Game Continue by Eduardo San Gil. Interstingly, the shirt which was just released last week Monday is no longer found in the Threadless catalog. And trying to access the direct link to the T-Shirt leads you right back to the Threadless catalog. Was the T-Shirt taken down because Nintendo complained? I wonder.

Let The Game Continue