Lord of the Rings + Ring Pops = Awesome

Ah, the childhood nostalgia continues with the latest T-Shirt from our friends at Made With Awesome. It’s called Precious Pop and it’s an homage to 1. Lord of the Rings, and 2. Ring Pops! How cool is that? Now, I might not be the biggest LOTR fan alive. Truthfully, I’ve not even seen one of the LOTR films. The closest I’ve ever got was 30 minutes into the first film. I know, pretty bad for my geek credentials. However, I did love Ring Pops growing up. These were pretty much a staple for any kid growing up in the 80’s/90’s. Do kids now-a-days still suck on Ring Pops? Are they even still sold? Where can I buy a Ring Pop in 2011?! I all of a sudden want one.

Precious Pop is available now from Made With Awesome for $24.

Glorious Nonsensities Episode 10: Rick Astley, Desired Hearts and Monsters

In this episode I wear Rick Astley by Kosher Ham and review a shirt designed by Greg Abbott and sent to me from the awesome folks at Desired Hearts, a high-end fashion label and socially aware company. As always, enjoy with tea and a comfy tee!

Remember that Kosher Ham is part of my Attack of the Coupon Codes promotion so be sure to use the coupon code “COTYFANS” on your next Kosher Ham order for 10% off.

You can also watch this episode on Viddler, Vimeo, or on blip.tv.

Coty’s Thoughts:

Monsters by Greg Abbott and available at Desired Hearts. Good: Incredibly humoungous print on the front, insane character drawings, cut and sew tag element on the bottom left corner with the Desired Hearts logo, tagless label for itch free comfort, super soft fabric and incredible presentation with custom screened box and wrapping paper. An all around super product. Bad: Only down side is the high price tag, but remember, you get a quality product with high production value and 5% of the profits earned from each tee goes to a non-profit organization. Price: $25.00.

Monsters by Desired Hearts

Rick Astley by Kosher Ham. This will sure get looks from Internet savvy people and even more so if they’ve gotten Rick Roll’d themselves. For the FULL Rick Astley experience go here. Price: $19.99 but you can save 10% with the coupon code “COTYFANS”.

Rick Astley

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