It Gets Better: Google Employees

It’s sad that although we live in the year 2010, there still are people who are intolerant of people who are different. African Americans fought for freedom, females fought for the right to vote and the gay community are still fighting for equal rights. A few months ago, Hawaii had the chance to pass a bill that would have recognized civil unions, which would in effect give gay couples the same rights that are afforded to married couples.

Hawaii’s Governor, Linda Lingle, vetoed the bill.

Employees at Google recently got together and put together a little video to lend their hand in support of the gay community, especially the younger demographic. We all know that growing up and especially during the high school years can be very challenging. Kids are mean. However, the idea that “it gets better” is one that is conveyed in the video.

It’s 2010, people. Gay people should not have to wait for a bill to be passed to have the same rights that are given to heterosexual married couples. It’s 2010, we shouldn’t have to make messages telling people that things will get better – it should be better. Stop the hate. Be more tolerant. Most importantly, be respectful of other people.

Having said that, there were a couple of pretty cool T-Shirts in the video! Check it out.

You want that Google Android Pride T-Shirt? You can pick it up from the Google Store for $17.70.

“We’ve got to dispel this myth that bullying is just a normal rite of passage, that it’s just some inevitable part of growing up … I don’t know what it’s like to grow up being picked on because you’re gay, but I do know what it’s like to grow up feeling that sometimes you don’t belong. It’s tough.” -President Obama

For more information, please visit:

It Gets Better
The Trevor Project: 24-hour, toll free confidential suicide hotline for gay and questioning youth. You can also call 866-488-7386.

I Think Therefore I Am Not…

When people ask me where they should go to for “political” tees I always point them to Ban T-Shirts because they always seem to deliver with their goods. This anti Glenn Beck T-Shirt is no different. The conservative political commentator and host of the FOX show bearing his name is known by his liberal counterparts for his provocative views. For many, provocative for Glenn Beck means speaking without thinking.

I Think Therefore I Am Not Glenn Beck is printed on a Heather Grey American Apparel tee and is available now for sale at Ban T-Shirts for $17.99.

I Think Therefore I Am Not Glenn Beck

9 Barack Obama Tees

The elections are quickly approaching and that means there are tons of presidential propaganda tees floating around. I’ve searched the net and have found 9 Obama tees, most in obvious support of the candidate and one, obviously with an agenda against the candidate. What do you guys think? Have you stumbled upon any Obama tees of interest?

Move On. Cool retro lookin’ Obama tee by the Move On people. 

Obama. Those fingers are pointing at you. It’s up to you to make a choice.

Obama in ’08. This is probably the most controversial of the 9 tees here. Apparently it is being sold in a suburban Atlanta bar and the bar owner claims he is not racist. Yeah, right.

Super Obama. I love this shirt! And what makes this shirt 10x even more awesome is that it’s designed by Alex Ross.

Obama. Lovely vector artwork by Cloxboy at Design by Humans.

B.A. Obama. A-Team Fan?

Terminator. Yeah, he’ll be back. Hopefully for the next 8 years. As president.

Obama is the New Black.

Barack to the Future. If you’re a geek (that’s a good thing) then this is the shirt for you!