Freshly Squeezed Orange

I like oranges. I’m not the biggest orange fan in the world, but I do like them. I prefer my oranges to be warm whenever I have to peel them myself. If they’ve already been peeled and are in wedge form, then I prefer them cold. All told, I’m an apple guy.

Fresh Orange is a great T-Shirt that I discovered over at Defunkt, a UK based T-Shirt company. The shirt is the second in a series that were made in collaboration with Ryan Chapman, a graphic designer from the UK. According to the product page, “Ryan has a thing for old fruit stickers and Defunkt has a thing for anything old, so this adaptation made perfect sense.”

The included stickers rock. And I especially love that Dole and Del Monte are included in the sticker pack. Did you know that the Dole Pineapple Plantation as well as the Del Monte Plantation is located right here in sunny Hawaii. We might not be able to grow oranges, but our pineapple are pretty rad.

Fresh Orange is available now at Defunkt Shirt Company for $29.99.

Fresh Orange



Defunkt T-Shirt Company

Sad Pumpkin + Happy Pumpkin

Just in time for Halloween, these are the perfect complimentary shirts. You’ve got the option between a Happy Pumpkin or a Sad Pumpkin. I actually like Happy Pumpkin because I am very much a happy person (most of the time). Both tees are printed on orange American Apparel tees and are available now from Print Liberation for $18.

Happy Pumpkin

Sad Pumpkin

The Question Me Tee by Imperial Motion

Here’s a more unconventional type tee for you. This one is called The Question Me Tee and is from Imperial Motion. The design features a plethora of questionable objects, like a spaceman, a hand grenade and the great pyramids of Egypt. If anything, this tee would make for a great conversation starter!

The Question Me Tee is printed on a slim-fit tee and features an inside neck label screen print. It’s available from Urban Outfitters for $14.99. 

The Question Me Tee

And here is a short, but cute, clip from the British show, Outnumbered. Kids ask some of the best questions!