An Introduction To Owling

Today I decided that I would ascend Koko Head Crater – one of three volcanic craters on the island of Oahu. I’m no stranger to this particular hike, and even though it is quite strenuous (1,048 total vertical steps), I’ve become very accustomed to it and have been using it to train for much more difficult hikes. This morning I decided that I would try and go super early and try to reach the top to see the sunrise over Honolulu. Unfortunately, the sun beat me up. Needlessto say, I did learn one new thing while on the top of Koko Head. While I was expressing angst over the planking movement, a friend of mine told me about the recent owling movement. As I mentioned on Facebook, both owling and planking are seriously retarded – but hey, I think owling > planking.

Of course, there is a T-Shirt for those owling fans which you can pick up from Crazy Dog Tshirts for $14.99.

And here are some photos of me owling on the top of Koko Head Crater. By the way, if you dig the views then I think that you would LOVE my new blog, Exploration: Hawaii. It basically chronicles the adventures that me and my buddies have around Hawaii. It’s good stuff!