8-Bit Zombie: Loners & Rebels & Beetlejuice & Ghostbusters

If you’re seeking some vintage awesomeness then I suggest that you head on over to 8-Bit ZOMBIE and check out their latest line tees. They’ve got everything from Pee-Wee Herman to Beetlejuice to The Ghostbusters. How much better can you get? In fact, their newly redesigned website bleeds awesome sauce. It’s full of throwback love for every 80’s kid and then some. I actually got super excited when I first saw the preview images (see last image below). They reminded me so much of Garbage Pail Kids Trading Cards – I was a huge fan of those. In fact, I still have my entire Garbage Pail Kids collection!

My favorites from the new line is twofold. My first instinct led me straight to that amazing Ghostbusters piece. However, when I saw that they did a Neverending Story design, my mind was blown. So good! This new line is basically my childhood printed on T-Shirts. All that’s missing? Maybe Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Masters of the Universe designs would have been perfect – but I can always wait until next time.

The new 8-Bit ZOMBIE tees are available now at their online shop for $20 a piece.

Hat tip to Carlos over at Oven Fresh Dreams.

Pee Wee Herman Prank Calls

I remember growing up and watching the crazy antics of Pee Wee Herman. Too bad he got himself into a messy predicament at the peak of his career! Anyhow, I came across this YouTube video of someone doing Pee Wee Herman prank calls over at the Johnny Cupcakes blog. It was too funny, I had to post it!

And of course, I had to come with a matching tee as well. Unfortunately, this Pee Wee Herman inspired tuxedo tee from Chocosho is sold out and no longer available – but that won’t stop you from taking a peek at its quirky coolness!

Any Pee Wee fans out there?

Pee Wee Tuxedo T-Shirt


Pee Wee Tuxedo T-Shirt