Shipping Craziness + Sale at NIWL

These pics from NIWL made me go WHOA! Looks like they are moving a lot of tees! It might be because they are having a super sale right now at the NIWL store – all of their tees have been marked down. Even their new tees have been makred down from $20-$22 to $14-$15. I think I’ll have to pick up Wizard of Wonder Land now! If you’re a Blink-182 fan then you might want to pick that one up to. 

Why the sale? Well it seems that Darren and Kass (check out Indie Tee Spotlight #6 for more information about them) are moving to the Philippines and will be living there for a few months. Not to worry though, they have promised that they will continue to do NIWL. Good luck Darren and Kass!

“We will still be doing NIWL, and no shipping isn’t going to be an insane amount. We think that it is only going to cost a little bit more but not to much. It is a big move and we are really excited. Nothing is finalized yet but it seems like it is going to happen some where around June. We are gonna do Warped tour in Pomona then leave to the Philippines right after.”




googoo&gaga The Newest Venture From AJ Dimarucot

Popular tee designer, AJ Dimarucot aka in the tee design world as collisiontheory, has started a new venture with his wife, Audrey – producing “quirky clothes for kooky babies!” The new brand, googoo&gaga, specializes in onsies with “all over” prints. They currently have ten designs on their site and are only available “locally” at the moment. So unless you live in the Philippines, you won’t be able to get your hands on these, just yet. 

They use sublimation printing to achieve an “all over” look that is super soft for the baby to wear. No harsh ink rubbing against your baby’s skin which is a plus! 

If you do currently live in the Philippines and want to get your hands on these, check out the info below:

Come join us as we launch googoo&gaga at the Rockwell Urban Bazaar (Makati, Philippines), where the most discriminating customers converge to find the best and the latest in fashion and home items.

Experience love and madness with limited edition googoo&gaga onesies!
Our introductory price is P650 per piece,P600 if you buy at least 3 pieces.

December 12-14 11am-9pm | Rockwell Tent at the Powerplant Mall
You don’t have to pay to enter the tent. We’ll be outside beside the ticket booth. =)
Hope to see you there!

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