Capturio: Capture The People You Meet Through Their T-Shirt

What if you could wear your business card? Capturio allows you to do just that. The concept is simple: take a picture of a T-Shirt, email the image to Capturio, and then receive the “business information” of the person wearing the T-Shirt as a vCard.

I’ll tell you the truth, I was a bit skeptical with Capturio. Sometimes the idea can be great but the execution can be flawed. Fortunately, you can test Capturio out for yourself. If you go to their website here, you can take a photo of the T-Shirt featured on their homepage. Email that image to Capturio ( and you’ll receive a vCard of the founder of Capturio, Damien Detcherry. So far, neat!

But that’s just one aspect of Capturio. The big test was being able to associate a T-Shirt of mine to my contact information. Once again, the steps to do so are quite simple. Take a photo of your T-Shirt, sent it to Capturio (  along with your contact information (for the associated vCard). And boom, now when people snap a picture of that T-Shirt and send it to Capturio, they’ll receive your contact information. As a test I snapped a photo of the Threadless T-Shirt Friday I’m In Love. I emailed the T-Shirt to along with a vCard that I made for Co-Tee TV. A few seconds later I received confirmation that my T-Shirt was now associated with my information. Next, I snapped a separate photo of Friday I’m In Love and this time emailed it to Lo and behold, I then received an email with the vCard for Co-Tee TV! It worked! Awesome. As a separate test, I also emailed to the official flattened product image for Friday I’m In Love from Threadless. It worked yet again! As a final test, I emailed a very pixalated and blown up product image shot for Friday I’m In love. And most impressively, it worked!

Here’s a photo of the shirt that I emailed to Capturio to associate with my Co-Tee TV vCard. As you can see, not the  best quality photo.

Once my T-Shirt was associated with my vCard, I then emailed the official product photo for Friday in Love and Capturio recognized it and associated with with my vCard information for Co-Tee TV.

As a final test, a blown up and pixalated image of Friday I’m In Love was sent to, with partial arms and neck too! Guess what, Capturio still worked. Awesome!

And here’s the vCard for Co-Tee TV that was received when the three images of Friday I’m In Love were sent to

I think that the idea is simple and brilliant. However, there are a few things that come to mind.

1. What happens if two different people try to associate their information with the same T-Shirt?

2. T-Shirt brands (i.e. Threadless) could potentially “Capturio” all of their T-Shirts and associate it with their information. However, it would be much cooler to receive special incentives (i.e. discount codes) when using Capturio on these T-Shirts.

3. What if Capturio was not just a web app, but also a real iPhone app that could be installed on the iPhone. Such an app could theoretically eliminate the need for steps 2 (email) and 3 (checking email for the vCard). All that would need to be done from within the Capturio app would be to snap the photo (or upload from photo library) and then automagically the Capturio app should be able to recognize it and pull up the contact information.

4. The email that you receive back from Capturio is a bit bland and underwhelming. It’s basically just text and then the attached vCard. Why not make the email body rich and attractive AND attach the vCard.

I’ve never liked physical business cards. Business cards are a nuisance. Capturio is an interesting and innovative take on the business card. The best part is that this digital business card won’t get lost, tossed in the trash or forgotten. Capturio vCards will always be in your smartphone (preferably an iPhone) and therefore you’ll always have access to them. Brilliant idea.

Anything Goes When Everything’s Gone

I have no idea where the quote on this shirt is from, nor do I have a clue whose head that is plastered on the middle of this T-Shirt. What I do know is that Anything Goes When Everything’s Gone is one badass tee from Sheol Clothing. I love the tone of the shirt, which to me is very deep and melodic. There’s something very contemplative about this T-Shirt, and I dig it.

“Sheol Clothing is a grassroots clothing label based in Leeds, United Kingdom. Launched in early 2011, Sheol is a label with a twist. Dedicated to creating clothing which is striking, both visually and conceptually, we aim to give you that bit more. Unique clothing, with a unique message. Sheol is the ‘grave’, ‘pit’ or ‘abyss’, as a concept it predates the Christian and Muslim ideas of judgement after death and differs from Heaven and Hell. Dichotomous and ambiguous, Sheol opens the possibility of interpretation; it allows space for free will. You can push and pull the concept and find your own boundaries. It’s not simply a dogmatic black cloud or even a blissful white haven. It is everything that you want it to be because you have the power to decide.”

Anything Goes When Everything’s Gone is available now from Sheol Clothing for £12.

Classified: Human

Some of you might remember the Human Ingredients shirt that I posted a few weeks ago. Remember I complained about it being a bit messy looking? Well, it turns out that someone had previously done a similar shirt and guess what – it looks much nicer and a ton neater! Here is RedBubble arttist, animo’s take on the Human Ingredients shirt:



And while I was perusing her store I noticed a couple of other tees that caught my eye, including Classified: Human. This shirt is so uber geeky cool, I love it! I would have definitely put it on my 101 Science T-Shirts list if I had seen it before!

Classified: Human