High Resolution Apparel Mockups

Are you an aspiring T-Shirt designer? If so, then you might want to check out Bradley Oesch’s Apparel Mockups. These high resolution Photoshop ready apparel mockups will make selling your designs a bit more professional and hopefully will attract more buyers! All of the mockups are 1000 pixels in height and have the appropriate masks in place (fancy Photoshop lingo talk), which means that all you need to do is drop in your design and boom you should be ready to go. The best part? The sets are priced at only $4.99 a piece.

Lance Armstrong Is 38 And A Big Fucking Deal

At least that’s what Outside magazine thinks. What does Lance Armstrong think? Well, if the Twitter post seen below is any indication, the 38 year old and 7-time Tour de France winner is not very happy with Outside magazines proclamation. Apparently, Outside magazine photoshopped the statement on to Armstrong’s previously blank blue T-Shirt.

Interestingly, Outside does note, on the cover even, that the shirt is not actually Armstrong’s real T-Shirt. See the tiny text next to Armstrong’s right elbow. Lame Bullshit? What do you guys think? Should Outside have at least let Armstrong know they were going to add that seemingly very powerful statement to his blank T-Shirt?

Lance Armstrong BFD Big Fucking Deal

Lance Armstrong

Via Huffington Post.

Co-Tee TV Episode 39: Cottonable, Funky Koreatown and Chop Shop + Giveaway!

In this special Cottonable sponsored episode of Co-Tee TV I review Soju-rific by Funky Koreatown and Filter Heroes by Chop Shop!

Cottonable Giveaway!

Cottonable has also sponsored a contest giveaway! Just leave a comment mentioning what you plan to be for Halloween 2009 and you’ll be entered to win a $50 Threadless Gift Certificate! Awesome!

You can leave your comment entries in three places. If you leave a comment in all three then you’ll receive three entries in the drawing. Leave a comment: 1. Here on this post, 2. on the Cottonable post featuring Co-Tee TV Episode 39, or 3. on the Co-Tee TV Facebook Fan Page! You can only leave one comment entry on each place. So, if you want to increase your chance to win the prize, you have to leave your comment on all places!

Last day to enter and submit your comment mentioning what you plan to be for Halloween 2009 is Thursday, October 29, 2009 (11:59 pm Hawaii time). Good luck!

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Coty’s Thoughts:

Filter Heroes by Chop Shop. Pros: Absolutely love the design, perfect for the techy crowd or for photoshop gurus. Shirts come packaged in a protective plastic bag to protect the shirts from the elements during shipment. Features a custom screenprinted inner neck label and is tagless for itch free comfort. Printed on a charcoal Alstyle blank. Cons: Nothing really, I just wish you didn’t have to pay a premium for the American Apparel option. Other than that, excellent product! Price: $20 but you can save $15% if you use the coupon code “givemeabreak” at checkout.

Filter Heroes

Soju-rific by Funky Koreatown. Pros: Fun shirt, especially for those who have an interest in Korean culture or just like to drink soju! A bit character heavy but I’ll be sure to wear it the next time I go soju drinking. Flat rate shipping in the US and internationally. Printed on an American Apparel blank. Cons: Blacks not as vibrant as I have seen on other DTG printed shirts. A bit pricey. Price: $21.99.

Soju-rific! by Funy Koreatown

If you want to send me a product to review, please feel free to do so. You can find my information in the contact menu above. Thanks!

Cute microbes on sale

Fill In The Bubble Contest! Win DBH Stuff.

Design By Humans just turned TWO so lets celebrate and give away some FREE STUFF!

What do you need to do? Easy. Fill in the bubble with something funny, sarcastic, humorous, cute, etc and win stuff from Design by Humans courtesy of me (Coty) and Co-Tee TV.

Rules, not much. The only requirement is that either “Coty” or “Co-Tee TV” (you can even use both if you like) has to be included somewhere in the photo, either in the bubble or outside the bubble. Have fun with it!

I’ve included links to the Photoshop files (44 MB) and the individual files with and without the bubble.


Win Either (you choose your prize):

Four (4) DBH $5 Tees
Two (2) DBH $10-$12 Tees
One (1) DBH $15-$18 Tee

And if you run a tee shop I’ll run your ad in the pimp spot (top ad on sidebar (300x250px) on my site for a 2 weeks as the default ad. Meaning, whenever the ad space doesn’t have a bid your site ad will be shown. Good deal, eh?

When you’re done with your photo entry, post here if you like so every one can see and make fun of me, but REMEMBER to post it on the Co-Tee TV Facebook Fan Page. And then email your hires entry to cotygonzales at gmail dot com. Got it? Okay, get to it!

Contest ends Friday July 24, 2009 at 11:59pm Hawaii Time.

BTW, you can do whatever you like to the background (that’s why I’m giving you the Photoshop file). Change it up if you like. Above all, be creative!

Contest PHOTOSHOP File (44 MB).

Contest JPG Files (3 MB).

Invisible by Reece Ward

Here’s a geeky tee that any Photoshop guru could appreciate. It’s called Invisible and perfectly so, since it’ll seem as if you’re slowing erasing yourself whenever you use this tee. 

You can pick up this tee from RedBubble for $24.00 in multiple styles and colors. 



Color Separations Tutorial by Jimmy Heartcore

Here’s a great little video tutorial on how to prep your images for screen printing – the essential art of color separation. And of course, whenever a video is narrated by Jimmy Heartcore, you know that it’ll be good! For those of you unfamiliar with Jimmy, he is one of the premier indie tee screen printers, and he also runs his own clothing brand on the side – Heartcore Clothing.

Spot Color Separations In Photoshop from Jimmy Heartcore on Vimeo.