Pineapple of My Eye

Forever Gold Clothing LOVES pineapples. And so do I. They’re sweet and they’re awesome. They’re a bitch to get out of the ground, but it’s all worth it when you cut through the thick outer skin exposing the deep yellow inner fruit and take that first bite. That first bite is always the most juicy bite. I’m salivating just thinking about eating a pineapple. Wait, I live in Hawaii. There are pineapple fields spread throughout the island. And, oh yeah, I actually have one sitting in my kitchen. Right on.

Pineapple of My Eye is the latest shirt from Forever Gold Clothing and is a homage to those Valentines Day greeting cards that used to receive as kids. I loved those! I wasn’t a big fan of those candy hearts in a box though. Bleh!

Pineapple of My Eye is available now from Forever Gold Clothing for $25.