FixPix Icon: For The Guy That Loves Pink

It takes a special kind of guy to wear pink. The kind of guy that oozes confidence and is very self-assured about himself is often the type brave enough to sport a pink T-Shirt. The pink T-Shirt wearer is not afraid of ridicule. The pink T-Shirt wearer is a brave soul with an impeccable taste for fashion. A guy that wear a pink T-Shirt does not mind eyeballs starring and fingers point, instead, he embraces those things. Having said all of that, it takes an extraordinary man (not just a special man) to wear a pink T-Shirt with a set of teeth and three popping eyeballs.

If you are that man then I salute you.

FixPix Icon is available now from eBoy for $40.

And in case you’re wondering, this design is based on the awesome iPhone game, FixPix. The eyeball and teeth design on the front of this T-Shirt resembles the icon for the game. Check it out here and download it from the App Store for $1.99.

FixPixIcon by eBoy

FixPixIcon by eBoy

FixPixIcon by eBoy


It’s been a while since I’ve featured  a tee from laFraise, too long in my opinion! While perusing the laFraise shop I came across this wonderful tee that was designed by French designer, Fabian Schwall aka thisisfab. The design, which was originally a Threadless submissions, was inspired by the song “Get a haircut and get a real job” by George Thorogood (listen to song below).

PainTIE! is printed on a white tee and is available now from laFraise for 23 Euro.


PainTIE by laFraise

PainTIE by laFraise

Forever Weird

I am a big fan of the Seibei line of monster infused T-Shirts and I have to admit that the latest Seibei design had me at hello. The shirt, created by popular tee designer Greg Abbott, features the words Forever Weird incased in a pink pyramid and surrounded by a plethora of Seibei-ish monsters. I remember growing up, I had weird tendencies – but hey, didn’t we all! And it’s because of this reason along that I can definitely relate to this shirt. Forever Weird is available now from Seibei for $22 and remember to use the coupon code “COTY” at checkout for an extra 10% off!

Forever Weird by Seibei and Greg Abbott

£12.99 Squishi Sale!

UK based clothing brand, Squishi, is having an end of the line sale to presumably make room for new designs! This means that you get to save some cash on the old stock. All shirts in the Squishi store have been marked down to £12.99. Nice! Here are a few of my recommendations:

Odins Wisdom

Pink Thing


Hip Hat

Hip Hat comes from Emptees regular, Atomic Child, and demonstrates that even clouds, especially pink ones can be hip. All it takes is a multicolored trucker hat. You can pick this one up from the official Atomic Child store for just $15. In case you were wondering, it’s printed on a 100% cotton Fruit of the Loom blank.

Hip Hat

Flash Back by ProperDirtz

Flash Back by ProperDirtz is my Friday DBH pick! Love this shirt, especially the colors. By the way, this is the second tee this week from Design By Humans with a deer as the focal point. Is it deer week somewhere and I just don’t know about it! Flash Back is available now at Design By Humans for $25. 

Flash Back by ProperDirtz from Thailand