365 Days of T-Shirts: Day 9 – Four Big Holes

I’ve always loved haikus and so I thought, why not write one about T-Shirts? Plus, it was something that I could do quickly and easily during my vacation!

T-Shirts are real soft.
Some are fancy, some are not.
All have four big holes.

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Mt. Killrazorclaw + 2009 Linty Fresh Poem Book

Our friend Eric Terry just released the latest Linty Fresh tee for the month of December and it looks like classic Linty Fresh. This multi-colored print features the character Mt. Killrazorclaw and a bunch of geometrical shapes with the Linty Fresh named worked into the design. It sort of reminds me of The Most Fantastic Things. As with all new Linty Fresh tees, Mt. Killrazorclaw comes with a special collector’s card featuring an accompanying poem. You can pick this tee up from Linty Fresh for $22.

Speaking of poems, Eric also released the first ever Linty Fresh Poem Book:

This 26-page booklet contains all of Linty Fresh’s 2009 tshirt designs alongside their respective poems. Features a foreward by the author and designer, and a thick-stocked satin cover with glossy pages.

The poem book is available now for just $3.99.

I should also note that in the recent Linty Fresh Chat #6, Eric announced that Linty Fresh will not be doing monthly releases on the first of every month. He will instead be shifting to a seasonal model.

Mt. Killrazorclaw

Mt. Killrazorclaw

2009 Linty Fresh Poem Book

2009 Linty Fresh Poem Book