You Say Commie Like It’s A Bad Thing.

Ban T-Shirts on the use of the word commie:

If you ever get called a “commie” then this T-shirt is for you. Of course most people who use the word “commie” have no idea what communism actually is, or anarchism, socialism, liberalism, libertarianism, or any other political theory: they just think that anyone who disagrees with their ideas is a “commie”. So getting called a commie is usually a sign that you’re doing something right.


You Say Commie Like It’s A Bad Thing is available now from Ban T-Shirts for $20.

Let’s Make Shit Up

I’ve never been a fan of Fox News. And The Crystal Method seems to agree with me. Check out this photo of the group wearing a Fuck News Let’s Make Shit Up T-Shirt, an obvious homage to the idiots over at Fox News, courtesy of our friends at Ban T-Shirts. The photo was taken at Belly Up Aspen this past June by Michael Goldberg and you can check out more photos from the concert here.

But let’s get back to why I can’t stand Fox News:

1. Bill O’Reilly

2. Sean Hannity

3. Glenn Beck

All three make my blood boil.



Co-Tee TV Episode 74: Eleprint, Frank and Jan and Unplugged

In this episode of Co-Tee TV I wear Eleprint by Fur Face Boy and review Unplugged by Frank and Jan, a brand that was founded in 2007 in Los Angeles, California and and born from common themes of capitalism, fame, minimalism and consumption of pop culture. Frank & Jan is an art and design driven company showcasing bold graphics mixed with simple, functional apparel.

Fur Face Boy sent me an insane amount of T-Shirts from their Series 3 Line. I will be featuring the shirts throughout Co-Tee TV Episodes 70-79 so definitely keep an eye out for even more Fur Face Boy in the coming weeks! See Episode 70 of Co-Tee TV for the Fur Face Boy full review.

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Coty’s Thoughts:

Unplugged by Frank and Jan. Pros: T-Shirts are shipped in individual plastic bags inside of a black Frank and Jan custom mailer. Frank and Jan tees are tagless and feature the Frank and Jan logo. Frank and Jan custom logo stickers are included with each T-Shirt. Unplugged features a ver large vertical print featuring half tones to give the illusion of different shades of blacks and grays as well as extra depth to the design. Unplugged is a little tame compared to some of the other Frank and an offerings. If you want something a little more risque then be sure to check out the Frank and Jan online shop! Cons: Size wise, the T-Shirt seems slighter larger than the American Apparel blanks that we typically review here. If you like color in your designs then Frank and Jan may not be your cup of tea – they tend to focus on designs that feature just black and white. Some of the tees over at Frank and Jan’s shop are a little vulgar, but if you like that kind of thing then you probably will love Frank and Jan! Price: $24 (Sold Out). You can purchase some Frank and Jan tees from, but you will pay a premium for them.

“In addition to art and design, Frank & Jan is also a full-service screen printing shop providing quality, custom design and screen printing services for individuals and businesses. Influences Include: Pop culture icons, fame, street culture, gangster rap, punk rock, religious iconography, reggae, death metal, and infamous front page headlines.”

Frank and Jan

Frank and Jan

Frank and Jan

Frank and Jan

Frank and Jan

FFB Eleprint by Fur Face Boy. I’m a big fan of Michael Jordan, Jordan Brand and Nike, and so when I saw that FFB Eleprint featuring the famous elephant print from the Air Jordan 3’s (circa 1988) I was stoked. Fur Face Boy founder, Ha Mai, continues to draw inspiration from his childhood passions and incorporate them into his brand – you’ve got to respect that. unfortunately, FFB Eleprint is no longer available for sale because it’s sold out! Hint: If you want something from Fur Face Boy then buy it when you see because it will sell out at one point or another and probably sooner than you’d expect! Price: $32 (Sold Out).

Fur Face Boy

Fur Face Boy

Fur Face Boy

Fur Face Boy

Also mentioned in this episode:

Michael Jordan

Air Jordan 11

Space Jam

Alright OK

Fuzzy Ink

If you want to send me a product to review, please feel free to do so. You can find my information in the contact menu above. Thanks!

Cute microbes on sale

Deep T-Shirts + More Peace

British designer, Adam Warner, designed the artwork for this T-Shirt titled More Peace. This politically infused T-Shirt features the very destructive hand grenade minus the explosives. Instead, you see flowers in place of the explosives. This simple, 2 colors print, is meant to bring about the idea of using the elements of war to spread the idea of peace. Brilliant.

The custom hangtags, neck tags and seam tags add a nice professional touch.

More Peace is printed on a heather gray American Apparel tee and is available now for purchase at Deep T-Shirt for $24.99.

More Peace

More Peace

More Peace

Give A Fuck + Health Care Now

With our country in so much debt and the job market so bleak, people should care about what is going on around them. Both of these T-Shirts from Print Liberation screams to the world that you do care about America and do support the formation of a progressive health care system. The T-Shirts are available now from Print Liberation for $15 (I know, I was fooled into thinking that the tees were a buck as well).

Print Liberation

I Think Therefore I Am Not…

When people ask me where they should go to for “political” tees I always point them to Ban T-Shirts because they always seem to deliver with their goods. This anti Glenn Beck T-Shirt is no different. The conservative political commentator and host of the FOX show bearing his name is known by his liberal counterparts for his provocative views. For many, provocative for Glenn Beck means speaking without thinking.

I Think Therefore I Am Not Glenn Beck is printed on a Heather Grey American Apparel tee and is available now for sale at Ban T-Shirts for $17.99.

I Think Therefore I Am Not Glenn Beck

What War? + £15 Chimpogo Sale

Purple is not my favorite color but I can still appreciate the newest tee from Chimpogo. It’s called What War? and it was designed by artist belisha and questions why there is a lack of talk in the media about the current and ongoing war that is still taking place. The text on this one truly says it all. If you’re into politics or are anti-war then this shirt might appeal to you.

You can pick up What War? on sale for just £15 from now until September 30. Oh yeah, all other Chimpogo tees are on sale for the same price. An in case you’re wondering, tees at Chimpogo are typically regularly priced at £21 so you end up saving £6 – not bad!

What War? by belisha and available at Chimpogo

What War? by belisha and available at Chimpogo

I Run On Biofuel

It’s 2009 and so why aren’t all cars being run with some type of biofuel? Forget fossil fuels, that was so last century. We’ve got to lose our dependence on oil. The United States must play catch up and start innovating so that we can stop relying on foreign countries for our fuel. OK, I’ll get off of my little soap box now!

You can profess your interest in biofuel by wearing this shirt from our friends at Rizzo Tees. I am sure that many of the readers can relate to that mug of ice cold beer. I think, however, that the design could have featured a corn on the cob and would have made just as much sense, in fact, I think it would have been a much more powerful and insightful shirt had it been a piece of corn instead of a mug of beer. But that might just be me!

You can pick up I Run On Biofuel from Rizzo Tees for $15! Want to know a secret? You can save 10% on your entire Rizzo Tees order by using the coupon code “COTY” at checkout. Score!

I Run On Biofuel by Rizzo Tees

Peace Is Free by Okoto

Simple and straight to the point. That’s what this shirt, from New Jersey based Okoto, is all about. If you’re a fan of either politics, freedom and/or typography, then, you’ll probably dig this shirt. You’ll be making a bold statement whenever you put this tee on. The shirt is available from Okoto, and features a custom screen printed necktag, for $24.00. 

Peace Is Free by Otoko

Don’t Tase Me Bro!

I think that Shirts Taste Good has a great thing going with the viral video inspired tees. This particular shirt is named Don’t Taste Me Bro! after the video of a University of Florida student being tased at at John Kerry forum went viral via YouTube. Can’t wait to see what they come up with next! You can purchase this tee at Shirts Taste Good for $17.95.

Don't Tase Me Bro!