Regan Smith Clarke X Cavata Clothing Co. Collaboration Tee

In Episode 63 of Co-Tee TV I raved about how I loved Regan Smith Clarke. His brand had a throwback style that was all his own. Since then, RSC has teamed up with fellow Bostonian, Lori Kirk of Cavata Clothing to deliver the first (of hopefully many) RSC X CAVATA Collaboration T-Shirts.

The shirt design is definitely closer in style to Regan Smith Clarke’s line than it is to Cavata. The creme colored American Apparel T-Shirt is very specific, featuring the names of both brands on the front of the tee as well as the date of release (June 2010) and the price of the T-Shirt. It will be interesting  to see how such a specific (but very well designed) shirt does with shoppers that are not hardcore RSC and/or Cavata Clothing fans.

The Regan Smith Clarke X Cavata Clothing Co. Collaboration Tee is available now at both the Regan Smith Clarke and Cavata Clothing online stores for $25. As a bonus, the first 30 orders will receive a free print of the design and free shipping. And if you need even more incentive to buy this tee, 20% of all proceeds will go to support music and art programs in public schools.




Exploded Holiday Sale

I’m a big fan of the Exploded T-Shirt design craze! And why not, they are perfect tees for uber geeks like myself. Over the past year we’ve seen a ton of exploded tees get released and I’ve even featured a butch of them on this site. If you’ve been putting off getting an exploded tee because you were short on cash there’s no reason to wait any longer. Head on over to to score discounts on all of your favorite exploded tees. Save anywhere from $2 to $26 on your favorite exploded products!

Exploded Store

Exploded Store

Exploded Store

E=mTPM by The Printed Mind

I’m a sucker for anything Einstein. You have to admit, Albert Einstein was a cool dude. His unique persona, crazy hair and revolutionary ideas, made him the most recognizable scientist in the world. He made science mainstream. I’m a fan of Einstein because I appreciate the fact that his contributions allow me to do what I do. Science!

e=mTPM is a part of a new line of tees from a favorite on this blog, The Printed Mind. It’s vintage black and white Einstein infused with neon goodness. The design is printed on a tagless black American Apparel tee and is available for purchase now for $19.99. And for a limited time, you’ll get a free poster thrown in with your order (offer good until supplies last).

e=TPM by The Printed Mind

The Printed Mind Posters