Co-Tee TV Episode 34: I’m A Mac, Print Liberation and Macintosh

Co-Tee TV is here and I’ve got on two Mac inspired T-Shirts in this episode. The first tee was intentional but the second tee was entirely coincidental! I am not even kidding. In this episode I wear I’m A Mac from Insanely Great Tees and review Macintosh from Print Liberation.

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Coty’s Thoughts:

Macintosh by Print Liberation. Pros: You’ll buy this shirt because you’re a big Apple fan, simply love using your Mac or once had one of these original Macintosh’s. The shirt is printed on a Creme American Apparel T-Shirt and features halftones for depth and different shades of gray. Makes the perfect gift for any old school Mac fan or new school Apple fanboy! Cons: This is a no frills shirt so don’t expect fancy packaging or extra goodies but do expect a good quality screen print. Price: $18.00.

Macintosh by Print Liberation

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