DBH 10K 2010 Top 8 Revealed

So it turns out, I’m pretty damn good at spotting a good T-Shirt when I see one! I say this only because 4 out of the top 5 five T-Shirts that I selected as my favorites from the Design By Humans 10K Top 25 finalist were selected in the recently revealed top 8. Of the 5 I selected as my favorite contenders, only Into The Light by Muttley failed to make it into the Top 8.

The next step is, well, I’ve got to choose my top 3 and eventual winner. I’m going to stick with my core favorites for the top 3 and that would be: Never As It Seems by Zerobriant, The Siren Song by Christian San Jose and Archan Nair, and Unleashed Imagination by Buko.

The Siren Song seems to be the obvious choice as being selected as the winner of the 10K contest. The design team duo that created Siren Song include last years 10K winner, Christian San Jose. They’ve even got an entire site dedicated to spreading the word about The Siren Song. The thing is, it’s not something that I would wear, so it’s not the design that I am going to choose as the winner. Having said that, Siren Song is in the early lead with 89 votes.

Buko’s Unleashed Imagintion is an amazing piece, in my opinion. However, it seems to be trailing in terms of votes (you can see the vote count for the first two days). I think Unleashed Imagination is a long shot at winning, unless of course, Buko find’s a crazy way to collect mad votes.

My choice to win and my personal favorite from the bunch has got to be Zerobriant’s Never As It Seems. I think it’s an amazing concept and it IS something that I would wear. The haunting blue hues and mysterious imagery make Never As It Seems my choice as the winner of the 10K contest. The thing is, Never As It Seems is trailing Siren Song in the early going.

So those are my top 3 and my predicted winner, which is your favorite to win?


And this is my top 3:

Never As It Seems by Zerobriant (my pick to win)

Never As It Seems by zerobriant

The Siren Song by sirensong (the early leader and defending 10K winner)

The Siren Song by sirensong

Unleashed Imagination by buko (the underdog)

Unleashed Imagination by buko