365 Days of T-Shirts: Day 5 – Categorizing T-Shirts

Hey guys, so I’m just a few hours from catching a plane to Los Angeles. I didn’t have time to do anything incredibly crafty today (and I will most likely not be doing anything time consuming or super crafty for the next few days during my vacation). However, I did do something that pertains to the list of goals that I had set for 2011. That is, I created a list of potential categories and sub-categories for this blog in an attempt for better organization (and to make things easier to find). In any case, I’d love to hear your input. Do you think that the categories work ok? Are there ones that I am missing? Please click the thumbnails for a larger image of the list. And by the way, sorry for the horrible shot. I took this at around 6:30pm and by that time Honolulu was out of sunlight. Enjoy!

Day 5: Categorizing T-Shirts

All artwork belong to their respective owners.

The T-Shirt 365 project is free of charge, meaning, you can use the materials provided here as many times as you would like. However, I do ask that you DO NOT repost the actual project files on other websites. It would be better if you simply linked back to the particular blog post on my website! It’s good karma for you and it’ll make me super happy to see the linkback!

The goal of the project is to have enough material so that I can make a book encompassing the entire project. If all goes as planned, we’ll have something amazing available in 2012!

365 Days of T-Shirts: Day 4 – Making of Punk Rock Cock Throw Pillow

The great thing about the 365 Days of T-Shirts Project is that I don’t need to do something complicated every day. Today, I post a few photos that I took while the Punk Rock Cock Throw Pillow was being made. Those hands are my mom’s hands. She refused to allow me to video record her doing her thing! Enjoy!

Day 4: Making of Punk Rock Cock Throw Pillow

And of course, you can view the completed Punk Rock Cock Throw Pillow here.

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365 Days of T-Shirts: Day 2 – Experimental Jetset Parody Wallpaper

In 2001, Experimental Jetset designed ‘John & Paul & Ringo & George’, a t-shirt for Japanese label 2K/Gingham. It has since be parodied countless times. Needless to say, I’ve always found the quintessential Experimental Jetset design to be quite intriguing. Maybe it’s because of its simplicity. Maybe because the possibilities with this particular design really is endless. Maybe because I love Helvetica. I’m not too sure.

Day 2: T-Shirt & Raglan & Tank & V-Neck Wallpaper Set


1. To install on your laptop or computer, first download the Wallpaper set below and then check your screen resolution of your laptop or computer. Install the wallpaper size that best fits your screen resolution. Note that the sizes offered below are optimized for MacBooks and iMacs.

2. To install on your iPhone, first click on the download link (below) to the iPhone wallpaper within Safari while using your iPhone. The image of the Wallpaper will pop up. Now, tap and hold on the image of the wallpaper on the screen. You should see a menu pop up asking if you would like to “Save Image.” Click “Save Image” and now you will find your new wallpaper in your iPhone’s Camera Roll. Tap on the wallpaper within the Camera Roll and then tap on the arrow on the far left of the bottom of the screen. You now have the option to “Use as Wallpaper.” Once you tap “Use as Wallpaper”, you’re all set! Enjoy you new iPhone wallpaper!

This wallpaper was inspired by Experimental Jetset’s John & Paul & Ringo & George T-Shirt.

Download the T-Shirt & Raglan & Tank & V-Neck Wallpaper Set - (553.95 kB)

iPhone users click on this link to view and save your T-Shirt iPhone Wallpaper - (115.11 kB)

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365 Days of T-Shirts: Day 1 – Printable T-Shirt Journal

Hello, you’ve just discovered the 365 Days of T-Shirts Project! I’ll be making something fun, T-Shirt related and (hopefully) cool for each day of 2011. Please wish me luck because I’ll need it if plan to finish the project!

Day 1: Printable T-Shirt Journal

You’re a T-Shirt fan and you’ve got a ton of T-Shirts, but no real way to keep track of them all. Say hello to the Printable T-Shirt Journal. Use this printable journal to collect and organize your passion for T-Shirts.

Tools: Stick Glue, 3-Hole Puncher


1. Print the included template using a color printer.
2. If you use thick stock paper you’ll be able to print double sided (recommended).
3. Either fold in half to make a small book or use a 3-hole puncher so that you can place your journal pages in a binder.
4. Start cataloging your T-Shirt collection!

This journal page was inspired by the various journals by Moleskine.

Download the Printable T-Shirt Journal - (598.73 kB)

This is what a sample page looks like when it’s all filled out!

This is a closer look at the Opinion / Notes section, as well as the 5 star rating system!

I provide you with a 8.5 X 11 inch page. You can print it out and fold it to make a mini book, or you can use a hole puncher and put your pages neatly inside a binder!

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