Co-Tee TV Episode 71: Fur Face Boy, I Hate Clowns and T-Shirt Forums

In this episode of Co-Tee TV I wear Little Fur Face Boy and review the Experimental Jetset Parody Tee by I Hate Clowns, a brand that was established in 1996 and passionately hates all things clown related. Like, they seriously hate clowns.

Fur Face Boy sent me an insane amount of T-Shirts from their Series 3 Line. I will be featuring the shirts throughout Co-Tee TV Episodes 70-79 so definitely keep an eye out for even more Fur Face Boy in the coming weeks! See Episode 70 of Co-Tee TV for the Fur Face Boy full review.

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Coty’s Thoughts:

I Hate Clowns Experimental Jetset Parody by I Hate Clowns. Pros: Perfect T-Shirt for those of you who loathe clowns and everything clown related. Tagless tee that instead features a custom screen printed neck tag. Relatively soft print on a 100% cotton T-Shirt. T-Shirt ships in a plastic bag to protect it from the elements during shipment. T-Shirt also came with an I Hate Clowns keychain and stickers. Cons: The T-Shirt itself, though a bit shorter in length than I am typically used to, is otherwise flawless. Experimental Jetset purist might disapprove the use of the “I Hate” text above the clown names. Price: $19 but you can save 15% off your order by using the coupon code “YAKKO” at checkout.

I Hate Clowns

I Hate Clowns

I Hate Clowns

I Hate Clowns

I Hate Clowns

Little Fur Face Boy by Fur Face Boy. This weeks Fur Face Boy featured T-Shirt is so awesome that it is … gasp … already sold out! That’s right, this is the first Series 3 T-Shirt from Fur Face Boy to sell out. I feel your pain if you missed out on this gem, but you still have a chance to score some other Fur Face Boy gear before they sell out so go get on that now! For more Fur Face Boy goodness, check out Episode 70 of Co-Tee TV. Price: $32.

Little Fur Face Boy

Little Fur Face Boy

Fur Face Boy

Fur Face Boy

Fur Face Boy Custom Box

Fur Face Boy Custom Label

Fur Face Boy Custom Press Packet

Fur Face Boy

And here’s a peak at the LITTLE FFB BLUE VARIANT which was released on May 8, 2010 at SHOGUN and had a very limited print run of 24.

Little Fur Face Boy Blue

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Cute microbes on sale

Punch Out for Wii

Punch Out for the Wii came out today and I am super excited to play it! I was a huge fan of the original Punch Out for the NES, starring none other than Mike Tyson. In fact, I guarantee you that if you were to let me play the original game today that I would still remember the correct duck, duck, side, side, punch combinations for each of the fighters. And am I the only one that thought Mike Tyson was impossibly difficult to defeat! Man, such a fun game. I hope the Wii version is just as fun!

Check out the live action trailers below (via Johnny Cupcakes) and the two Punch Out tees The Bald bull tee is courtesy of Crazy Dog Shirts ($18.99) and the one featuring Doc Louis and Little Mac can be purchased from 80’s Tees ($20). 

Mike Tyson's Punch Out

Bald Bull