QR Code + Rorschach = QRorschach

This is a fabolous T-Shirt from our friends at 604Republic. They’ve taken my favorite character from my favorite graphic novel and transformed him into part superhero / part QR code. Neat! And I even love the product description: “QRorschach’s Journal: October 12th, 1985. Tonight, my face turned into a QR code. I dare you to scan it.” Geeks all around the world should love this T-Shirt.

QRorschach is available now from 604Republic for $19.95.

Hozell: The So-Cal Original (53% Off Sale)

Once again our friends over at Fab.com have some awesome T-Shirts for sale at huge discounts. For the next two days they are featuring Hozell, a brand based out of Orange County, California.

“Orange County-based Hozell are proud purveyors of Southern California style. Featuring classic cuts with laidback materials and a keen attention to detail, theseĀ T-shirts, tank tops, polos and henleys are all locally produced with certifiedĀ organic dyes.”

It’s obvious that the inspirationf or these T-Shirts are lazy days on the beach and eating Mexican food. It’s a chill vibe and I can appreciate that. Right now you can score 53% of these T-Shirts over at Fab.com for the next 2 days only. Regularly priced at $43, you can now pick up these tees for just $20. Remember, Fab.com is invite only so if you’re not already a member, here’s an invite from ME to YOU.