The Power Mitt by Johnny Cupcakes

Johnny Cupcakes continues to pump out new products for the summer. Here are a couple of his latest, including his latest tee, Power Mitts! How many of you remember Nintendo’s Power Glove from the late 80’s? If you do then Power Mitt from Johnny Cupcakes is the tee for you! The shirt sells for $35.99 and is available now for purchase. Check out the video below for an old school Power Glove commercial. 

Power Mitt

Mr. Cupcakes also released a pair of crossbones printed shorts ($64.99) and rolling pin board shorts ($59.99). I dig the casual crossbones shorts but am not sure if I would trust those board shorts. I have had bad experiences with boardshorts not coming from a brand that specializes in water sports. Quiksilver is my brand of choice when it comes to board shorts because of their durability and selection of wacky and fun designs. 

Crossbones Camo Shorts

Crossbones Camo Shorts

Rolling Pin Board Shorts

Quicksilver/DBH Design A Difference Winners

Congratulations to the winners of the Design By Humans/Quicksilver Design A Difference contest. The 1st place winner was mathiasrapp with his Finger Food entry! SteveOramA took 2nd place with Mountain Attack and csj89 finshed 3rd with Carl and the Lizard. These are all pretty unconventional Quicksilver designs, being that I own a ton of Quicksilver tees, I can honestly say that SteveOramA’s is the one that closest resembles a Quicksilver tee. But nonetheless, all three are interesting designs and a nice way to change up the current offering from Quicksilver! Great job guys!

Finger Food by mathiasrapp

Mountain Attack by SteveOramA

Carl and the Lizard by csj89

Design By Humans + Quicksilver Contest

Quicksilver has hooked up with Design By Humans for its Design A Difference Tee Contest. The contest is in support of the Tony Hawk Foundation and 6% of each tee sale will go towards the foundation. 

Designs can be logo or art driven, they do however, suggest you checkout for design “inspiration”. So if you’re planning to enter, and have no experience in surf/beach wear, then be sure to check Quicksilver and other board sport brands for creative direction. You can download the Quicksilver logo to incorporate into your design here and the logo sheet here. 

The prizes are: $1000 + $250 Quicksilver product for first place, $750 + $200 Quicksilver product for second place, and $500 + $200 Quicksilver product for third place. Entries need to be submitted by March 15 and the winners will be announced on March 30. Good luck!

Design A Difference Tee Contest