What Do You Got, B****?

When I first saw this tee at TeeFury I knew exactly who I was looking at! For those of you squinting your eyes and shaking your head in bewilderment, let me inform you of who this wonderful celebrity is. It’s Joaquin Phoenix’s alter ego, crazy (or uber cool) Joaquin Phoenix!

Tee Fury

I love this design by Athadi, who was inspired Phoenix’s recent performance in Miami so much so that he created this lovely vector based graphic. 

And if you’re interested in what the actor turned rapper’s music is like then check out this video of Phoenix live at the previously mentioned Miami concert.

Egg Inspired Tee from on.us.tees

I love Twitter, I can jump on at any time and almost always find someone that just released a new tee. Sometimes  I stumble accross good stuff and others time, well not so great stuff. Luckily for me, I found these egg inspired shirts that were just released by on.us.tees. Now based on the name of the brand, I would think that they were giving away tees for free! Isn’t it on.us, errr, on them? In any case, check out these two tees from the on.us.tees spring egg line – they are super cute. How are rapping eggs not cute! I kinda want one!

Both of these are available now from on.us.tees for $24. OK, I am off to go eat some scrambled eggs now!

Egg Beaters

Egg Rhymes With Orange