World Record: Most T-Shirts Put on in One Minute

So this is a neat little video that I spotted over at The Laughing Squid of the world record holder for most T-Shirts put on in on minute. The record is held by Jamie Matter of Wisconsin, United States. And even though it’s not a Guinness World Record (it was submitted and accepted to The Universal Record Database), it’s still pretty interesting, especially for a T-Shirt fanatic like myself.

I will tell you this: I want this record. Seriously, I’m going to go hunting for XL, 2XL and 3XL tees so that I can beat this record of 25 T-Shirts. I’m on it. T-Shirt blogger extraordinaire is not enough for me. I’m gunning for you, Jamie Matter.

Check out the official page for this URDB world record.

As for my record breaking attempt, I will keep you updated.

People Like Me and Consumer-ism

Fork, knife and … record? Consumer is a great statement shirt from the people over at People Like Me, a New Jersey based brand that insists the right brain is never wrong! What do you consume? Some of you might be mass consumers of vintage vinyl. Others might enjoy consuming the written word, weather it be in the form of books, magazines, comics or manga. A few of you might be gadget consumers, always eating up the latest and greatest technological marvel. What kind of consumer are you?

Consumer is printed on a 100% fine jersey tee and is available now from People Like Me for $28. Think the price is a bit too stiff? Sign up for the People Like Me newsletter and you’ll be rewarded with a 15% coupon code that you can use!