Recursive Wil Wheaton – Wilception?

If you’re a regular here then you know that I love to post things that have personal relevance to me. Many of the T-Shirts that I post about I can somehow relate to – If not then why post about them, right? Here, we have an awesome Wil Wheaton inspired T-Shirt by Scott Meyer of the web comic Basic Instruction.

I love this T-Shirt for two reason, 1. I am a huge fan of the 80’s flick Stand By Me, and 2. What’s not to like about an infinite number of Wil Wheatons? Stand by Me is one of my all-time favorite films – without a doubt. I recently did a re-watch of this Stephen Kind written and Rob Reiner directed movie from 1986 and I have to say that it does stand the test of time. Stand by Me is a timeless movie and one that you should run out to see it if you haven’t done so already.

Interestingly, I spotted this blog over at FashionablyGeek, however, this tee design is far from being brand new. It actually first poppped up more than a year ago. In fact, Wheaton did a write-up of the T-Shirt and the story behind it. Check it out here, it’s an interesting read. Unfortunately, the T-Shirt is not for sale.

Buy Stand by Me (25th Anniversary Blu-ray Edition) from Amazon today for $14.99.