Regan Smith Clarke Keeps Fall 2010 Release Keeps It Real

I was really imprssed with Regan Smith Clarke’s original release earlier this year. I thought it was fresh, original and had a distinct style. His Fall 2010 line continues to bring the freshness. That vintage look infused with modern styling make this release a real winner. My favorite piece from the new line is definitely Old Inventions. I love the sharpness of the design and the smooth lines. It doesn’t scream RSC like the other designs, instead, it’s a bit more subtle and I can appreciate that.

Along with the four new RST T-Shirts, you’ll also find an Old Inventions long sleeve sweater in a blue and yellow colorway, and a Lack of Quality tote bad (just be sure to fill it up with quality goods). The T-Shirts are priced at $24 a piece, while the sweater and the tote go for $28 and $12, respectively.

By the way, take a look at the photos below featuring Regan Smith Clarke goods (along with the actual Regan Smith Clarke) in real life at the Renegade Craft Fair in San Francisco. And you too can look just as sexy by picking up a Regan Smith Clarke T-Shirt ;)

Regan Smith Clarke X Cavata Clothing Co. Collaboration Tee

In Episode 63 of Co-Tee TV I raved about how I loved Regan Smith Clarke. His brand had a throwback style that was all his own. Since then, RSC has teamed up with fellow Bostonian, Lori Kirk of Cavata Clothing to deliver the first (of hopefully many) RSC X CAVATA Collaboration T-Shirts.

The shirt design is definitely closer in style to Regan Smith Clarke’s line than it is to Cavata. The creme colored American Apparel T-Shirt is very specific, featuring the names of both brands on the front of the tee as well as the date of release (June 2010) and the price of the T-Shirt. It will be interesting  to see how such a specific (but very well designed) shirt does with shoppers that are not hardcore RSC and/or Cavata Clothing fans.

The Regan Smith Clarke X Cavata Clothing Co. Collaboration Tee is available now at both the Regan Smith Clarke and Cavata Clothing online stores for $25. As a bonus, the first 30 orders will receive a free print of the design and free shipping. And if you need even more incentive to buy this tee, 20% of all proceeds will go to support music and art programs in public schools.




Co-Tee TV Episode 63: Ban T-Shirts, Regan Smith Clarke and Bodega

In this episode of Co-Tee TV I wear Creativity Not Conflict by Ban T-Shirts and review Bodega which was designed by Regan Smith Clarke for his own brand of the same name. The essence of the Regan Smith Clarke brand is simply in the message. Step back, appreciate the meaning and become more aware of your environment. Clarke’s love for all things vintage is his main source of inspiration.

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Coty’s Thoughts:

Bodega by Regan Smith Clarke. Pros: T-Shirts came packed in three separate packages – your T-Shirt will definitely be safe during shipment! Included with the T-Shirt were a few Regan Smith Clarke branded stickers and pins. The T-Shirt was tagless and featured a screenprinted label on the inside neck area. A custom hang tag adds an extra professional touch to the T-Shirt. Each hang tag is custom made based on the T-Shirt, and includes a description of the tee. Bodega was printed on a Navy colored American Apparel blank, so you know that you’ll get a super comfy T-Shirt. The design is large but not excessively large and the print itself is quite soft. I really think Regan Smith Clarke is doing all of the right things with his debut release. I was absolutely impressed with Bodega, from the quality of the T-Shirt, well thought out hang tag and neck label, to the cohesiveness of the design. Cons: My only criticism for the brand (the T-Shirt itself was flawless) would be that I think Russian Doll (if you watch the video I show it off during the unwrapping) does not entirely fit in as well with the other T-Shirts in the current line. Price: $20.


Regan Smith Clarke





Creativity Not Conflict by Ban T-Shirts. Pros: Printed on a brown Royal Apparel T-Shirt, which is very soft and comfortable. I love the idea and meaning behind this T-Shirt. Cons: If you’re the kind of person that loves to shoot at things with big manly guns then this might not be the shirt for you. Price: $19.50.

Creativity Not Conflict

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