Comic-Con Friendly tees All Week at RIPT Apparel

WARNING: expect to see a LOT of comic related geekery for the rest of the week in celebration of Comic-Con 2010!

To help kick things off are our friends at RIPT Apparel. Throughout Comic-Con weekend (which starts tomorrow and runs until Sunday), they will be having one limited edition comic/science-fiction themed graphic tee on sale for just $9 a piece. Each of the limited edition shirts will be on sale for one day only! Normally, RIPT tees are priced at $10 but be sure to use the coupon code “ILOVERIPT” at checkout for an additional $1 off.

See below for a peek of their Comic-Con offerings!

RIPT Apparel

Thursday (July 22, 2010): Super Manatee. No comic convention would be complete without someone sporting the blue tights, red undies and cape! Be different and be bold. Pick up this Superman/Manatee mashup tee!

Super Manatee

Friday (July 23, 2010): There’s No Place Like Space. The Wizard of Oz meets Star Wars. Yes, that happened.

There's No Place Like Space

Saturday (July 24, 2010): Batkid. This Batkid looks like like he’s ready to tag something. Thug much?


Sunday (July 25, 2010): Cat-A-Tar. I really enjoyed Avatar, but in all seriousness, if the Avatars looks a bit like the Cat-a-tars below, I might have loved the movie that much more. Maybe. Now I’m thirsty for some milk!


Co-Tee TV Episode 58: RIPT Apparel, Oye Apparel and Monkey Bananas

In this episode of Co-Tee TV I wear a RIPT Apparel logo tee and review I’m Going Bananas by Oye Apparel, a tshirt company designed with the world in mind. Oye stands for Open Your Eyes, and in Spanish, oye means something like “hey!” in English. Oye Apparel’s mission is to show the world that if you open your eyes and really examine the world around you, you’ll discover that’s it’s really not a bad place to be.

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Coty’s Thoughts:

I’m Going Bananas by Oye Apparel. Pros: I’m Going Bananas comes shipped in a basic white mailers but comes packaged with a few notable items such as a chupa chups lollipop and stickers. T-Shirt is tagless and features a screen printed label on the neck area with the brands logo and sizing/washing information. If you enjoy bright, fun colors and large illustrations then you’ll enjoy this T-Shirt. Design is printed on an American Apparel blank  so that is a plus. Very reasonably priced. Cons: The print is not super thick but it’s not super soft, it’s somewhere in between, still, it’s very wearable. Price: $10.00.


RIPT Apparel Logo by RIPT Apparel. Pros: This is your standard logo tee, so if you like RIPT and you like logo only tees then you’ll surely appreciate this shirt. Cons: Unfortunately, the shirt is no longer for sale. As with all RIPT Apparel tees, shirts are available only for a 24 hour period. Price: $10 (No longer available for sale).

RIPT Apparel

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The Printed Mind

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Cute microbes on sale

Robot Week at RIPT Apparel

Are you a fan of robots? If so then you’re in luck because RIPT Apparel has got you covered all week long! They are celebrating Robot Week at RIPT Apparel so everyday this week they’ll be offering a unique robot tee for just 24 hours. After that, it’ll be gone forever! Each shirt is priced at just 10 bucks so be sure to pick one up for yourself or a friend.

Robot Week at RIPT Apparel

Robot Week at RIPT Apparel

Robot Week at RIPT Apparel