Black Friday T-Shirt Sales

So many awesome sales to be had for Black Friday! Here’s my list featuring some of my favorite brands! At the top of the list we’ve got a bunch of 50% off sales including: Threadless, Miles To Go Clothing, Design By Humans, 410BC, Milk & Eggs Co., Goodie Two Sleeves and Prestigious Clothing. And new shop Wiftees is featuring a whopping 75% off sale so tees there are just $5. Better score on some of these insane deals!

Miles To Go Clothing: 50% off with the code “holiday”

Prestigious Clothing: 50% off with the code “blkfriday” ends Saturday

Full Bleed: 25% off

Regal Clothing Co: 15% off with the code “BLACK”

Electric Zombie: Shirts starting at $8.

Threadless: $9 Tees (50% off)


Design By Humans: $12 Tees (50% off)

Design By Humans

Wiftees: 75% off with the code “WIFTEES”


410BC: 50% off with the code “BLACKFRIDAY”


Goodie Two Sleeves: 50% off with the code “YOURCRAZY84″

Goodie Two Sleeves

Milk & Eggs Co.: 50% off

Milk & Eggs Co.

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Attack of the Coupon Codes: November Edition!

It’s been a while since we’ve had an Attack of the Coupon Codes here at and so I thought it was time to put together a new list just in time for the holiday season! As always these coupons do not have an expiration date so be sure to come back to the site and check the available coupons before you buy a tee online because chances are we’ve got a coupon waiting for you.

This month we’ve got a whopping 11 NEW coupon codes for you! This brings our Attack of the Coupon Codes tally to an incredible 81 participating indie brands. Sit back and enjoy one of THE largest collections of T-Shirt coupon codes on the Internet. SWEEEET!

If you want to have a coupon added to the list then please let me know!

T-Shirt Coupons

Ban T-Shirts: 10% Off

Crywolf Clothing: Free Shipping

Dos Chicos Tees: 11% Off

Headline Shirts: $5 off any order of 2 or more shirts (any price shirts including sale items!)

Milk & Eggs Co.: 10% Off

OMUNKY: 15% Off

Pandy Cane: 10% Off

Shirt Fight: 10% Off

Tactical Urban Gears: 20% off

Tilteed: $2 off on Shipping

Ugmonk: 10% Off

50% Sale at Tenbills

If you’re looking for some cheap quality tees then look no further. From now until Monday Ten Bills is have a 50% off sale! That’s right, half off all of their shirts! And you do know that their T-Shirt are regularly priced at just $10, right? So that means you can pick up some awesome designs for just 5 bills or $5! Yippeee to all. Be sure to use the coupon ode HALFPRICE at checkout.

Ten Bills

Ten Bills

Ten Bills

Massive 9/9/9 $9 Sale at Threadless + Prophecies

Warning: There’s a MASSIVE sale going on right now at Threadless in celebration of the momentous 9/9/9 date. Right now, all tees are on sale for just $9! Let the craziness ensue…

Threadless 9/9/9 Sale

Courtesy of

Sept. 9, 2009. 9/9/09 (999). 666 upside-down, possibly a significant date? Note that 666 is the number of the evil Antichrist, the Beast of Revelation 13. Also, the world population officially reaches 6.8 billion near November 2009, and Revelation 6:8 is about the Fourth Horseman, Death, so will Death ride then? Could this be a mutation in swine flu H1N1 making it a deadly worldwide plague? Note that “nein” in German means “no”, so 9-9-9 could mean “no-no-no”. Possible significance of 9-9-9: note that the CERN Large Hadron Collider particle accelerator in France is to be turned on around Nov. 2009. It was initially turned on in Sept. 2008, but only ran about a week before needing major repairs and being shut down until 2009. And on Sept. 10, 2008, the CERN LHC Particle Accelerator was initially turned on. Also note that after the CERN LHC was intially turned on in Sept. 2008, a world-wide economic crash began. Could the LHC create a Black Hole that destroys the earth in December 2012? See my page on Nostradamus, where Nostradamus 9 44 is an amazing prophecy that may predict a Black Hole could be created in the future by LHC, and see this King James version English Bible Code page on it, and my video on it.

Because of equipment problems, the CERN LHC particle accelerator/Black Hole Machine (and some have said possible Doomsday Machine) was shut down for months, supposedly until around November 2009. Perhaps a safety review is needed? Seems like kind of a long shutdown for equipment problems. I read that, as well as equipment problems in the LHC that need repair, there also was a transformer damaged by lightning (could that be a sign of divine intervention trying to stop the LHC from becoming a Doomsday Black Hole machine?) Being on for 1 week and then shut down for months makes one wonder if this LHC machine could have design problems?

How many of you believe in all of this prophecy stuff? I don’t, but it sure is fun to think about!

Summer Sale at A Better Tomorrow

If you live in the United States and love looking at A Better Tomorrow tees instead of wearing them because of the rate differences then this is the perfect time to pick up that tee you’ve been drooling for! A Better Tomorrow is having a Summer Sale and all shirts have been dropped to 22,00 € and you even score free shipping (if you live in Europe). Pretty sweet, huh!

A Better Tomorrow Summer Sale

A Better Tomorrow Summer Sale

A Better Tomorrow Summer Sale

Of Rome $10 Sale

I know there are a gazillion T-Shirt sales going on right now but I thought that this one was worth mentioning. For one week only you can score all tees at Of Rome for just $10. There are currently three tees available in select sizes. They also have a $7 black I Am Of Rome canvas belt for sale – great way to keep your pants up for cheap!

Of Rome

Of Rome

Of Rome

30% Off Sale at laFraise

Threadless aren’t the only tee people spreading some love via sales, our favorite French contest site, laFraise, is having a 30% off sale as well! The sale is only for shirts on page 3 of their shop and runs through Thursday, August 6. I think I might have a look around – I still do not own a laFraise tee which is a bit sad. Be sure to use the coupon code “Summercolours” to score the 30% off.

laFraise 30% Off Sale

Threadless Back 2 Cool Sale!

If you’ve been holding out on a particular Threadless tee (or two) then now is the perfect time to whip out that credit card or make use of those street team points! The annual Back To School Sale (dubbed Back 2 Cool) is currently running now till August 17. Regular priced Threadless tees have been marked down to $8, $10 and $15. Yippeee!

Threadless Back 2 Cool Sale

$5 T-Shirt Sale at Design By Humans

Design by Humans just had a sale a few weeks ago but this is truly the big one! It’s the two year anniversary of Design By Humans and they are celebrating by having a $5 T-Shirt Sale on more than 84 of their designs. They also have a bunch of tees priced in the very reasonable $10-$12 and $15-$18 range. 

Enough chatter, time to go and buy some $5 shirts! 

Design By Humans Sale

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