Summer Sale at Arkaik Clothing

It’s a great time to pick up a tee from Arkaik Clothing because they are having a big summer sale at their online store! They have tees starting at $9, belts at $5 and dog tags for just $3. They even have hoodies available for $15 (what a steal!). If you’re interested you better head on over now because their stock is getting low. 

Want to save even more cash? Use the coupon code “COTY” for an extra 20% off, score one for the readers of my blog! 

Stacked II

Pink Belt by Arkaik Clothing

Arkaik Clothing Hoodie

Threadless Summer Heatwave Sale

Threadless surely knows how to throw a sale! It’s summer time and to celebrate, why not buy some awesome (and cheap) tees! I just checked out their stock of $5 shirts, there are a bunch of gems, but you better act fast before they sell out of your size. 

Threadless Summer Sale

Goodie Two Sleeves Weekend Blowout 50% Off

Recession Shmeshmession most definitely! Out friends from Goodie Two Sleeves is having a sick sale that will only last through the weekend. Get 50% off your entire Goodie Two Sleeves order with the coupon code “HECKYEAH” and if that weren’t enough you get free shipping on all orders over 40 bucks. This is a crazy good deal and the best time to pick up that tee you’ve been holding off on, heck, maybe even get some of your Christmas 2009 shopping done – the sale is that good! The Goodie Two Sleeves Weekend Blowout ends on May 4. 

Goodie Two Sleeves Weekend Blowout Sale

And of course, because I like you all so much, here are a few of my picks for you to make your life easier! 

Captain Awesome

Ping Pong Is For Lovers

I'm Awesomer Than Most

Attack of the Coupon Codes: April Edition!

It’s Attack of the Coupon Codes time again, fellow T-Shirt-ites, and I’ve got a truckload of coupon codes for you to use now and forever! As always these coupons do not have an expiration date so be sure to come back to the site and check the available coupons before you buy a tee online because chances are we’ve got a coupon waiting for you. 

This month we’ve got a whopping 19 NEW coupon codes for you! This brings our Attack of the Coupon Codes tally to an incredible 70 participating indie brands. Sit back and enjoy one of THE largest collections of T-Shirt coupon codes on the Internet. Pure awesomeness.

302 Designs: 15% Off

Boobies & Co.: 10% Off

Busted Tees: 10% Off

Cavata Clothing Company: 25% Off

Combobreaker: 10% Off + Free Shipping

Dirty Coast: 10% Off

DeezTeez: 15% Off

DeKay Clothing: 10% Off

Donkeyshines: 10% Off

Immortal Revenge: 20% Off

Look At Me Shirts: 20% Off

LOWDTown: 15% Off

No Star Clothing: 10% Off

Random Objects: 10% Off

Rebel Label: 15% Off

Sin For Skin: 10% Off

Tee Heaven: $5 Off

Urban Retro: 10% Off

Your Eyes Lie: 10% Off

Now see the rest of the 70 coupon codes!

Of course, thank you to all of this months participating brands! And if you would like to be a part of a future edition of Attack of the Coupon Codes be sure to contact me with a coupon code from your brand!

T-Shirt Coupons

Paint Your Momma $12 Earth Day Sale

Loren from Beetnik Aesthetics has been having some amazing sales as of late. Just the other day, I picked up a Beetnik Aesthetics tee for $5 via a Twitter sale he had going on. If you’re not following Loren from Beetnik Aesthetics on Twitter then get on it! Back to the sale, for one week and only and in celebration of Earth Day, Beetnik Aesthetics is offering Paint Your Momma for just $12, half off the regular price of $24. Great deal and awesome T-Shirt!

Beetnik Aesthetics is also holding a release party in celebration of landing in its first retail store, Board Boutique in Champaign, IL. Here’s the information for the release party:  

If you live in the Champaign/Urbana, IL area, be sure to stop by  Board Boutique this Saturday (April 25th) from 7-8 pm to celebrate the retail release of Beetnik Aesthetics!  Expect some good times, cool people, and a raffle for free t-shirts.  

Paint Your Momma

4 For $20 Sale at Ten Bills

This is one of those hush-hush sales that you’ll only know about if you’re receiving the Ten Bills newsletter. And it’s hush-hush for good reason. There was basically a printing error in a tee called Ashes to Ashes from Ten Bills and instead of selling the faulty tees at full price, they decided to basically give them away for the dirt cheap price of 4 for $20 bucks. I kinda wish that they would have offered the option to buy just one of these tees, because I am not sure what I would do with four of them! In any case, if you’re a bargain hunter than this might be something you might be interested in.

“This week we are presenting a special item that is sort of a secret (that’s why it’s not on the main page). We had a batch of designs that were misprinted with the design, “Ashes to Ashes”. The print did not come out complete and some of the details in the edges were lost. We have decided to sell them in what we call “4/$20 Packs” or in other words, four t-shirts for $20. Quantities are limited and we expect them to sell out quick. They are great tees but the design was not printed well enough to do the design justice so we couldn’t sell them. Since these are mistakes, you can understand why it’s not on the main page.”

Ten Bills 4/$20 Sale

Threadless $5 Spring Cleaning Sale

It’s that time of the year – the long awaited Threadless $5 Spring Cleaning Sale! If you’re in need of upgrading your wardrobe then you’re in luck because Threadless has tons of tees on sale and marked down to 5 buckaroos. Exciting! And the selection for the $5 tees is not that shabby either, they’ve got 348 tees marked down at the ridiculously low $5 price tag. 

And if that weren’t enough, they’ve got a bunch of tees marked down to $10. Granted, the $10 price tag is not as enticing as $5, but, many of these are normally priced from $18 to $25. So, it;s a great deal at either the $5 or $10 price point. 

Will you be picking up any of the marked down Threadless tees? I know I will – it’s just a matter of sifting through and picking out the ones that I want!

Threadless Spring Cleaning Sale

Happy Birthday Sale at Glennz Tees

Glennz Tees will be celebrating its 1st year anniversary and to celebrate the occasion they’ve got a one day only Happy Birthday Sale. If you buy a tee from Glennz this Wednesday, March 11, you can save 20% off your entire order using the coupon code “Birthday”. The tees over at Glennz cost $19.95 each so with 20% off expect to shave off about 4 bucks per shirt. Here’s the official word from Glennz:

“Time flies when you’re having fun, and all of sudden it’s our first Birthday! So to say thanks for all your support this year we’re giving you a coupon for 20% off all our Tees this Wednesday, March 11 (Central Standard Time USA) – When you make your purchase just enter the coupon code ‘Birthday’ (no quotes). It’s been a great first year and we’re looking forward to this year with lots more tees and a few new products along the way too. Remember to keep a look out in our voting section so you can have your say on what we print next.”

And if that weren’t enough, Glenn has also made available a ton of iPhone Wallpaper featuring many of his popular designs. I’ve got Scrap Metal loaded on my iPhone!

Glennz Tees

Glennz Wallpaper

Attack of the Coupon Codes: March Edition!

It’s a new month and that means I’ve got a whole new crop of coupon codes for you to use to your hearts desire! I’ve got an amazing set of Coty exclusive coupon codes for your to use courtesy of some awesome T-Shirt brands. 

I’ve been working hard to bring you the best discounts from some of your favorite indie brands. There’s a tee for everyones taste in the newest additions to our Attack of the Coupon Codes family (51 coupon codes total and growing). Be sure to check out the individual brand pages to learn a little more about them and to see what my tee picks were. The newest additions are: 

410BC: 20% off

Chop Shop: 15% off

Dead, Serious! Clothing: 10% off

Dobodob: 10% off

Doubletake Clothing: 10% off

FAQTAP: 20% off

Faveur Clothing: 15% off

Loiter Ink: Buy 3 Shirts and Get Free Shipping

Salmiler: 20% off

Springleap: 10% off

Teextile: Free Shipping

Wandering Whale: 12% off

The list of participating brands is growing – we’ve partnered with 51 of your favorite indie brands so far and we hope to partner up with many more throughout the year! Be sure to check out our Attack of the Coupon Code page to see the complete list.

T-Shirt Coupons

The Petrol Kid + Sale at Linty Fresh

I love the first of the month. Why? Because the first of the month means a new tee from Linty Fresh! The Petrol Kid marks the first of many collaborations that Linty Fresh will be doing. Linty Fresh’ Eric Terry hooked up with South African based designer, Theory One, on The Petrol Kid design. 

The Petrol Kid

Eric came up with the concept, and from there, worked with Theory One on the details and final design. Check out the neat graphic pulled from Linty Fresh’s Flickr page showing the collaboration process! Pick up The Petrol Kid for $22.00 at Linty Fresh!

The Petrol Kid Collaboration

Step one: I provided the character design, color scheme, and poem
Step two: Dylan went nuts with details, type, and an awesome backdrop
Step three: I redrew the bandit character, tightened the design to the concept, and fleshed out some details in the train, conductor, and backdrop
Step four: printed to a tee!

And I almost forgot – sale! Linty Fresh is having a huge discount sale to get rid of some old inventory. A lot of his tees have been marked down to $15, some are even priced at $10. The sale ends on March 31. These will surely go fast so pick one up now if there’s a tee that catches your fancy!

Linty Fresh Sale