Coupon Codes Attack Again!

That’s right, we’ve got another bunch of indie brands participating in the Attack of the Coupon Codes section here and they’re doing it because 1. they’re awesome and 2. so YOU can save some of your hard earned cash! Plus, coupon codes are just fun. It’s good to know that there’s a coupon waiting for you when your ready to buy some tees! Planning on going on a tee shopping spree? We’ve got your covered.

I’ve been working hard in the new year to bring you the best discounts from some of your favorite indie brands. There’s a tee for everyones taste in the newest additions to our Attack of the Coupon Codes family. Be sure to check out the individual brand pages to learn a little more about them and to see what my tee picks were. The newest additions are: 

Catastrophic Clothing: 15% off
Ex-Boyfriend Collection: 10% off
Kosher Ham: 10% off 
Regal Clothing: 10% off
Seibei: 10% off
Sentimental Clothing: 15% off
Shifted Image: 10% off
Suck! Clothing: 20% off
Tees For All: 10% off
Zeroboutique: 10% off

The list of participating brands is growing – we’ve partnered with 40 of your favorite indie brands so far and we hope to partner up with many more throughout the year! Be sure to check out our Attack of the Coupon Code page to see the complete list. 

T-Shirt Coupons

New Fuzzy Ink Tee: Identity Crisis

I’m not sure how long Fuzzy Ink has had this tee available for pre-sale, but I have to admit that it’s a brilliant one! As always, the Fuzzy Ink team sticks with the mustache theme, I don’t think that will be changing anytime soon. The new tee, Identity Crises, was designed by Josh Stomberg, who is also known in creative circles as Sitting Duck. The tee can be purchased now at the pre-sale price of $15.99 ($2 cheaper than regular prices) and are expected to ship out by February 9. Also remember that Fuzzy Ink is a part of the Attack of the Coupons promotion here and as such YOU can get an additional 10% off with the coupon code “Hawaii”. And if you’re wondering, yes, I do live in Hawaii!

Identity Crisis

Identity Crisis

$12.99 and Less Sale at {miles to go}

Our buddy Greg Kerr from {miles to go} Clothing is having a huge sale over at his online store. He has a bunch of his tees marked down to $12.99 and even have some down to $9.99. You can also find a bunch of belts, and if you know Greg, you know he makes some quality belts. He currently does custom belts for many indie brands, and have even done belts for Johnny Cupcakes. 

And if that sale is not enough for you, remember, {miles to go} is also a part of the Attack of the Coupon Codes promotion here! So along with the sale prices, you can also snag an extra 20% off with the code “friends.” 

Here are a few of my favorites:

Out Came The Lion

Fasting Buddha

Full Color Buddha

Beetnik Aesthetics – Droppin’ the Beet by 50%

Beetnik Aesthetics is a new clothing brand started “by a guy named Loren” as the Beetnik website says. Built on the notion that, “the world is your canvas”, Beetnik Aesthetics is a “lifestyle clothing brand that strives for hope, peace, love and more. One idea. One thought. One dream. Anything is possible with a forward thinking mind.”

They’ve just opened up shop and to celebrate the grand opening, Beetnik Aesthetics is having a 50% off sale on all items. This is a huge savings since regular priced tees are currently priced at $24 and on sale now for just $12. The sale ad on the Beetnik site does not have an end date so I am assuming that it will run until the official February 1 opening date. 


The Beetnik tees look really fancy – I like them! Loren’s first release, which includes 4 different tees, are cohesive and go well with each other. He doesn’t mention the type of blanks he uses other than the mention of them being printed on 100% cotton. My favorites of the bunch include Paint Your Momma and Inject Love. All tees are tagless and come with screen printed tags instead. 

I really dig the look of the Beetnik Aesthetics website, especially the in your face purple! However, I think one major feature that is currently  lacking is the ability to leave comments on the Beetnik blog. Please add that feature, Loren! It’ll help you to build a community around Beetnik Aesthetics.

I am excited by Beetnik Aesthetics and am looking forward to future products. Best of luck with the grand opening! 

Paint Your Momma

Beetnik Aesthetics

30% Off Sale at Arkaik Clothing

Arkaik Clothing announced today that all orders will receive 30% off when you use the code: CARDINALS. This is in celebration of the Arkaik’s hometown team, the Arizona Cardinals, winning the NFC Championship and heading to the Superbowl for the first time since 1948. The sale runs till next week Sunday. 

Here are some of my picks from Arkaik’s online store: 

Arkaik Clothing

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Sale at MNKR Clothing

Here’s a sale I learned about at T-Shirts Around The Internet – it’s called the Super Recession Sale and its taking place at MNKR Clothing, a tee brand based out of California. The sale runs through February 1st. I’ve included a couple of my recommended pick ups, including one that would be semi-fun to wear at your local Wal-Mart.

MNKR Clothing

MNKR Clothing

MNKR Clothing

MNKR Clothing

More Coupon Codes!

I’m happy to announce that there are a couple of new additions to the Attack of the Coupon Codes! You can now find the following indie brands (see below) in my coupon section along with the fine bunch already there. Check out each of those links as each page talks a little about the company and I also share my favorite picks from their online stores. 

Arkaik Clothing: 10% off
CEER!US Apparel: 10% off
Disturbia Clothing: 15% off
I Came From Nothing: 30% off
Jon Wye: $5 off
Of Rome Clothing: 20% off
Prestigious Clothing: 10% off
Quakerninja: 25% off
Shifted Image: 10% off
Snakes & Suits: 10% off

This is just the tip of the iceberg, my friends! I hope to get a bunch more coupon codes for you to use at your favorite indie tee shops. Beware of the Attack of the Coupon Codes!

T-Shirt Coupons

$10 Sale at BustedTees – My Picks

It’s the Semi-Annual Super Sale over at BustedTees – but I am sure that you already know that as this has got a lot of coverage on the tee blogs in the past two days or so. I finally had the chance to check the sale out, they’ve got 100 shirts priced at $10. They had a lot of seasonal stuff on sale – for instance, a lot of the election 2008 themed tees are up for grabs at the $10 price tag and so yes, you too can have a ‘McCain 1908′ T-Shirt for Men shirt. Here’s are two other tees that caught my eye: ‘Rollin’ in my 64′ T-Shirt for Men and ‘GA Shirt’ T-Shirt for Men.

Rollin' In My 64

Attention Ladies I Enjoy Grey's Anatomy

Linty Fresh “Hello 2009″ 20% Off Sale!

Our good buddy Eric Terry of Linty Fresh has an excellent promotion going on for the next 7 days to help ring in the new year! For one week only, Eric is offering 20% off (enter code HELLO2009 at checkout) his entire stock of Linty Fresh goodies, including his new December products (5 new belts, new decal stickers, and of course a new Linty Fresh tee design called “Davy Bunyan”). Go pick up some Linty Fresh awesomeness now!

Linty Fresh January Coupon

After Christmas T-Shirt Sales

Some great deals can be had for those of you into the After Christmas Shopping craze. The biggest deals here include 50% off all merchandise at Pyknic Clothing (sale ends January 1) and $10 tees at Design by Humans (sale ends January 4)! Also, Karmaloop is having a 60% off sale, but you better hurry it ends tomorrow (December 26)!

Some other random sales (this list is being updated has the sales roll along so check back often):

41% off at Heroin Clothing with code HAPPYNEWYEAR

50% off everything at Rockett Clothing on December 31st and January 1st.

$5 or more off per tee at {miles to go} clothing until January 2

25% off all new tees at Alright OK until the new year

All tee $13.95 at Glennz Tees

Free Shipping at Ten Bills (no minimum) with code FLURRY

$12 tee sale at Heartcore Clothing

15% off at Prestigious Clothing with code holidaysale

20% off at Validus Apparel with code newyears

Reduced prices and bundle special at Crazy Go Lucky

10% off at Shifted Image with code 2009

11% off at Zombie Liquorice with code COTYGONZ and select bundles at lowered prices

50% off at Sentimental Clothing with code Christmas08

$25 off $50 or more at GoMedia

$5-$10 Shirts and $15 hoodies at Labyrinth Clothing

15% off at ByeLine Clothing with code XMAS15

25% off at Loyal To Your Soil with code xmas25

$20 T-Shirt Bundle at This Noise Apparel

15% off at Ceerius Apparel with code CHRISTMAS24

Design By Humans

Pyknic Clothing